random update

the party is in a week. i have the menu pretty nailed down and the shopping list is prepped. i’m feeling pretty good about it this year.

it was another stellar weekend; he had a job to do on saturday, so i slept in and had a chance to make some more biscuits for the dogs, play some video games, and hang out with matt for a second.

sunday, we lazed about and ended up at mickey’s for brunch. i was also able to get him to play cribbage at the bar (i taught him how to play last weekend). he kicked my ass again, so i’m going to stop being nice and helping him count.

we keep discovering things that we have in common. the most recent rando was that i had alexa play 90s hip hop and l.l. cool j started singing about knocking momma out and he said, “this was my very first cd.” and i almost dropped whatever was in my hand. i think i told him to stfu. in a funny way, of course.

i’m feelin’ pretty pretty pretty good lately.

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