pleasant surprise?

i’d been sick and home from work for the last three days. i decided that i needed to leave the house, so we went to red robin to get some food. i usually have a craving for their not-really-good burgers every three or four months. we determined that we hadn’t been there since matt stopped drinking; so it’s been a while.

we got back home and there was a package in the door from–the place from where we had ordered nora’s prescription food. matt found they had a good deal and i was able to get even more money off from being a first time customer and setting up a recurring order… even tho i knew she wouldn’t make it through the 30lb bag of food at the rate we were looking.

during the ordering, i had to contact chewy’s customer service to make sure i could get the food with a scrip and they said all i needed to do was send a picture of it. during the exchange, they also asked for a picture of the furbaby for whom the food was. i sent the photo of nora wearing the tie because it’s the cutest.

i couldn’t figure out why they’d have sent something else since i knew i had canceled the auto-ship order. i opened it and inside was a card and a square wrapped in tissue paper. the card said they had a surprise for us and hoped that we’d love it. i started bawling before i even got to the tissue paper. they had commissioned someone to paint a portrait of nora from the picture i sent.

it was a heavy load of heartache on top of everything else going on.

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