party prep

our third annual labor day weekend party is coming up, and we need to get the chicken stuff out of the day spa. mostly because i’m 99% sure mice are living in the hay.
so, we need to make another trip to menards (incidentally, a couple of the checkers now smile and say hi when we go…) to get more metal garbage cans and bungie cords. i’ve never seen a raccoon by our house, but the last thing i need is one knocking over a can of organic chicken feed.
moving these containers outside brings me to some minor home improvement. we want to put them on the deck, below the windows, right where it drips all over when it rains… which means i might be installing a gutter and downspout as well. i thought of putting the chicken stuff up on the other side of the deck where someone thought it would be a good idea to make stairs so it was “symmetrical” *eyeroll*, but it’s a pain to get over there in the winter when the snow is all piled up… and i don’t want to make it a requirement to shovel over there.
it would be cool if we could hook up a rain barrel while doing the gutter install, but they’re kinda big and bulky.
we’ll see how ambitious we are this afternoon.

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