love languages

matt and i talked sometimes about our conflicting love languages and i’ve realized how that incompatibility may have had a greater effect on the decline of our relationship than other factors.

analyzing that right now isn’t really a good use of my time, but understanding and knowing the situation for the benefit of my current relationship has to be somewhat helpful.

that said, and i know we’re very new, the fella is astute at all five so far.

feels good, inc.

another stellar weekend on the books.

the end of a chapter and the beginning of another are distracting and transformative. it’s hard to keep my feet on the ground when i feel swept away.

things are good.

omg you guise

something amazing is happening.

remember when i said it would be exhausting to get to know someone new and that i’ve been emotionally numb for a while? turns out it’s only exhausting because there aren’t enough hours in the day to share stories and find out every little thing about a person. and luckily, there’s no rush.

and i’m no longer numb. or sad. i’ve laughed so much and so hard over the last week that it’s making up for the last five months of sorrow and loneliness.

an added bonus is that jones and merle are in absolute approval of him.

really great weekend

got to hang out with the fella on friday, had brunch on saturday, a fire and dinner in the yard on saturday night, and a lazy sunday.

the best part was getting out of my own head and focusing on having fun.

it’s been a weird week

i’ve been leaving work at my usual time and not wanting to start anything up when i get home, so i might need to adjust my schedule to accommodate the summer desire to gtfo of the house.

i’ve been frequenting wilson’s this week and started talking to a fella to whom i’ve taken a fondness. we’ll see how it goes. at the very least, he keeps the crusty old men from staring at me.

internal screams

i started handing out invites for the party.

and i’ve started scrutinizing every inch of the house for imperfections that i want to remedy beforehand.

in particular, the bathroom door is pissing me off.

i go back and forth between taking all the doors to get dipped and just painting over the peeling mess. except, i don’t like the color swatches that i’ve been staring at for two years; i guess it’s a good thing i hadn’t bought the paint yet.

i have a slow start to the menu items, so need to focus on that as i’d like to start picking up ingredients over the next three weekends instead of doing it in one haul if i can.


almost there

i’m about 80% convinced that i can pull off the party by myself. i asked some trusted folks and two out of three weren’t discouraging; i guess that’s 66%.

in previous years, i was in charge of the inside and matt the outside. i’ll need to have it on the sunday tho, in order to have a day to prepare everything by myself.

my secondary concern is getting the word out to enough people to make all the food i’m going to put together worthwhile. mom suggests i scale back the food so that i can “mingle” more. i’ll consider it as part of the overall event change.

adulting is overrated

only somewhat regretfully, i didn’t get around to vacuuming this weekend, but i did take care of some brush and burdock in the yard with a fire.

the rest of the day was spent among friends, in the sun, or at a pub playing cribbage. i’d say it went well.

while i was making the fire, though, i wondered if i should host a memorial day weekend party myself. i do like making all the food and having friends over, but i would then also need to be the entertaining hostess and for sure wouldn’t be able to stay in the kitchen all afternoon.

i guess i have a week or so to make that decision.

full up day

i filled yesterday day with being out and about, so i might need to adult today, but we’ll see.

post-brunch at the tipsy cow, i took a stroll around the square at the farmer’s market; it wistfully reminded me of one of the first weekends i started staying at matt’s while kurt was collecting his things and moving out. there weren’t so many people because it was barely above 40° but really nice in the sun. as i rounded the last block, a guy at a stand pointed at me and said, “you like orange.” points for astute observation, bub.

after a short trip to the grocery store, i was torn between starting a fire to clean up the brush in the yard and going back out into the world. my desire to be among humans won and i found myself at wilson’s doing crossword puzzles in the din.

i went back home to make tiny tacos as my friend john tried to convince me to go to karaoke at the ohio, but i was already turning into a pumpkin by then.

a relaxing start

yesterday, it started raining at the exact moment that i wanted to head out so that i could be among humans with whom i don’t work. since i didn’t want to suit up in rain gear or sit at the pub in wet jeans, i opted to stay home. it was a good choice as the batch of pumpkin ball treats were very nearly depleted (i only had enough left for one walk), so i turned on the oven and started mixing up ingredients.

then the sun came out.

i briefly considered throwing the dough in the fridge and making a break for it, but i had already told the dogs we were staying in for the night. and, unlike some people, i’m a man of my word.

one batch of the biscuit dough does three cookie trays’ worth, so that took over an hour for the baking time. after that was all done, it was time for hair dying.

i alternate between special effects napalm orange and overtone’s deep orange color while the bleached part grows out and then bleach roughly every six months. my last bleach was the first week of november; i remember this because i had to wait until after halloween so people wouldn’t think it was part of a costume.

i don’t really love the stark contrast when i bleach/dye, i think it looks a lot better when the roots start nearing 1/2″, but, without paying someone else way too much to get that result, i have to go this route.

last bleach time, i used a yellow manic panic to mix up the hues and i think it turned out well, so i did it again.

the lighting in the house at night is a little warm, but you get the idea.

typically, i’ve been meeting josh for cribbage brunch on the weekends, but i decided last night that i didn’t want to make an appointment for 9 am, so i actually slept in (til 8) and took the dogs on a nice walk, worked on my bujo spread for next week, and decided that i ought to meet peyton and maureen for lunch. so i’m headed downtown to the tipsy cow soon; hopefully, the farmer’s market crowd doesn’t overtake the restaurant.

maybe i’ll pop into mickey’s on my way back home, just to put in an appearance.