RUh-Roh Shaggy. Looks like the illness infesting my house isn’t confined here at all. I left work today at 1 to come home and sleep. Kurt’s still in bed, but that’s cuz he has to work tonight. I got all mentioned ‘n sh*t in my friend’s blog . Bob, the sweetest, and most classiest dresser at Mickey’s (aside from my hubby, of course) has enlightened me in the life of blogging.


Well, I did it. I said I would never do it again, but sometimes I don’t listen. I got an Acropolis salad (from the Glass Nickel) and ate it immediately preceding bedtime. The crazy dreams it gives me! I had to get up just because I was tired of dreaming! Sheesh. And you know what? They need an online menu.

Links from work

Sites I find myself frequently visiting while at work: , fun and cute Flash games!, , for all your desktop needs. Oh, oh! zefrank is hilarious, and a great designer! Check out the Pre-Date Confidence Builder. Stay tuned for more as I remember them.

first timer!

So. It’s Monday. It was a cold one! I woke up at 6 and knew that if I went back to bed, there would be hell to pay once my alarm went off as scheduled. Yesterday, Rinky decided he’d give a go at jumping, and pulling himself over the “gate” that keeps them in my bedroom. We’re going to have to get a taller gate. I swear, he’s part monkey.