I’ve never eaten it, I don’t think I would like it, and I don’t want it in my inbox. This is the type of thing I get to look at when I clean out the Deleted Items folder. I think I’d be more upset if those damn Koreans didn’t design such cute gambling ads.

Pity story

Not really. Sometimes, a small glimpse of something in my life makes me feel really stupid about my worries. There’s a house on my way home from Mickey’s. It’s inbetween the pizza place and the notorious “crack house”. There’s a man that lives there with a motion-sensitive light outside his front door. He’s in a wheelchair. [this is going to get kinda long] I’d like to consider myself very different from the people that “feel sorry for the handicapped”. I have worked with people who were unable to live by themselves, I have a friend whose dad uses a stick in his mouth to type and send email, I learned Braille to simply communicate with someone I worked with. So, I’m walking home, all pissed off that a shift was taken from someone but her work was not replaced to cover Thursday night (making Kurt work an extra 2+ hours) and I see this guy getting into his house, with a motorized wheelchair and a dog with a red saddle-looking thing. This is immediately identifiable as one of the dogs you shouldn’t pet, by the way. Just because it was taking him longer to unlock his door and maneuver his way inside, I stopped. I wanted to ask if he needed help. He got in just fine. I feel stupid. Not for wanting to help, because that’s inherently in my nature, but for thinking that he may need help (and stopping, subsequently); like he’s never done this before. So I’m walking home, thinking, “What can I do for this guy?” (after the fact!) like he even needs anything. I consider a holiday card with a call to action incase he needs a grocery shopper, or a ride somewhere. Then I realize he probably has what he needs or else he wouldn’t have gotten this far in his life. So, again, I’m a moron who feels unneccessarily responsible. I think we should all take this moment to consider our state and realize that it’s indisputably minor compared to anything else we could be dealing with. Perhaps you already have. Perhaps I belong on the short bus.

so, yea

Well, I made it through the meeting. It was very productive and nice to be a party to. Though my a*s is now draggin’. If I can pull myself away from my beautiful monitor, I’ll take a nap.. but that will make going to bed tonight altogether different.


I think I’m going to start taking it. I’ve been up since about 4:30.. there are really only so many web sites I can stare at in a given week. I had intended on getting up around 7 (now), having some coffee.. reading the news online. Instead, I’ve been going through old emails, checking up on other blogs, and playing JT’s Blocks. I hope I can make it through this all-day meeting.

Amazingly enough…

Nothing new or exciting to report on. Work’s been pretty low-key. I’ve been playing a lot of Flash games making myself excited to get MX at home. Soon. We’re preparing for Halloween here at work.. it’s taken a lot more time and energy than I think should be applied to something that isn’t very productive.. but, whatever. If we win, we get a pizza party. I’m not interested. No new links to share either.

moon phases

My calendar says it’s going to be a full moon tonight, though it was very full last night. I never know if it means sometime after midnight on the 21st, or some time before midnight on the 21st. Which night is it? Regardless, I’m blaming my off mood on the moon. They almost rhyme.


Okay, so Kurt had to exchange his game controller for one that works. This meant a trip to Best Buy. I wondered, aloud, what I was going to get? Well, I got this . So it’s kinda frivilous, but I stare at the computer soooo much, that it’s got to have some positive impact on my eyeballs.

cool site finds

Once again, I’m awake at all hours of the night. I got sooo tired at 9 and came home after a bloody mary and promptly passed out. This made me miss the show at the Crystal. Anyhow, here’s a cool site I just found. Even if you can’t find anything cool among all of her links (which is doubtful), it’s very pretty just to look at. On another note: Cottage cheese. Sometimes I really like it, and sometimes it just has that taste that makes you wonder if the date on the container is in the past or future. I’m not getting up to check because I just bought the damn thing. It had better not be expired.