Phone and DSL outage

If you’re trying to get ahold of me for any reason, it won’t work. I called Kurt yesterday at 5:11pm, prior to me leaving for home. Sometime between 5:15 and 5:40, my phone service halted; therefore making my DSL inoperable. You can still email and/or leave a voice mail message, but it might take me a while to respond, since I can only check email from work. Pooie.

Sundays are depressing

Not because the world goes back to work tomorrow, but because there’s nothing to do. I take that back. Today I’m going back to my hometown to meet up with old high school friends, one of whom I havn’t seen since graduation. You see, we never had a 5 year reunion (which I hear are pointless anyways; people don’t change much between 18 and 23 I guess.. I did.) because the class president wasn’t, shall we say, very responsible. He even managed to pull a senior prank that banned him from joining in the graduation ceremony. Anyhow, it’s kind of nice to stay in touch with people that you actually liked in high school; people whom are few and far between for me.

Old friends

Every once in a while, I get nostalgic and attempt to find out what old friends are doing without letting them know that I’m at all interested in seeing what they’re up to. Do you ever get a rash of phone calls from ex’s? What do they say? Why do they always come in threes?

And another thing

A Guild isn’t a guild without members. Here are the three Lollipoppers together. On a totally unrelated note.. I witnessed this (and subsequently took part in) today while playing JT’s Blocks.


Work was definitely crazy today. A whole performance of the Wizard of Oz done in less than 3 minutes. I was an honorary member of the Guild. Everyone had an excellent time and I’m betting we won the pizza party this year. :)


from 01.21.14
we’ve added two parakeets, six chickens, and four cats to our menagerie since my last update of this entry. i’ve declared a moratorium on the number of feet in the house.
from 04.27.11
my name is bekee g. gibson. it occurred to me that many of my past friends and cohorts might never come across my site, because as a youth, i spelled my name “becky”. hopefully this reference will help anyone trying to google me.
i have two dogs, jones and nora (not on purpose). we like to spend lots of time at our neighborhood park and running around in the back yard.
i’m happily divorced and, luckily, found my soul-mate along that stressful journey.
i’m pretty smart (and i reserve the right to act stupid every once in a while), i’m also pretty funny. i have a short attention span. i have a long heart line. i have good credit. i have small little toes, i also have small little toenails.
i don’t like green peppers or water chestnuts. every month i get a terrible hankerin’ for salty foods. i’m fond of orange. i dye my hair. i like watching reruns of the newlywed game. i’m usually always cold unless under a blanket. i find great humor in eating made-to-be-like-meat-but-not foods. i like homemade pizza on a flour tortilla. i also have an awesome rice maker.
i like to knit and sometimes crochet. i know how to play euchre and cribbage. i wear at least one orange article of clothing every day.
i’m careful and compassionate. i try to keep in touch with ex-boyfriends. not in a john-cusak-high-fidelty kind of way, but in a “hi, are you 35 already?” kind of way.
i have a hard time lying about anything; even if it’s appropriate. i can be a hermit crab or a butterfly, depending on the time of the month.
i have a weird gift of remembering numbers and numeric sequences. i count steps when i use them. i can read lips pretty well. i know enough braille to make sure hotel bathroom signs are correct (there’s one in dubuque that isn’t). i’m attempting literary braille certification, but this year has already been far more distracting than the last time i tried it.

Halloweener is near

They’re going totally crazy at work getting things ready for The Wizard of Oz. This is all very silly. I’m almost considering calling in sick tomorrow, but I won’t because then I’ll be leaving Denise to fend for herself. Ugh. We’re supposed to not spend a whole lot of time on this, nor waste company resources.. yet I’m not sure if the entire department (Web team aside) worked 8 hours combined today! I can’t wait until it’s over. I’m one of the Lollipop Guilders.


We (Kelli, Adam, Kurt and I) went to see The Ring last night. Aside from the drunk, obnoxious, and childish crowd, I thought it was pretty okay. Kinda scary, kinda lame. I’m hard to impress though.

daylight savings

So we’re actually not saving daylight, we’re consuming more of it. I watched a thing on Discovery yesterday about how the moon moves away from the earth at 1.5 inches a year and it will make our days longer, the further away it gets. All the people who claim that there aren’t enough hours in a day should just wait 1,000 years.