So, this criminal letter has prompted me to wonder why no one else with my last name has attempted to contact me for any good reason. I mean, I’ve never been offered a free guitar, or a free cd, or even a part in a movie with Mel! Maybe I should write all of them and say I want to be friends. I’m a good young gal!!

Strange letter

I received a letter in the mail yesterday. The return address was one that I didn’t recognize, “M. Gibson 115 W. Dotty St Madison – Wisconsin 53703”
Here’s what I got to read: Happy – Holiday Becky 12-2-02 Hey – what’s up I meeT a person in This place – and They knew you!! I jusT wanT to be your friend I’m only here for a little while – Becky — maybe we can geT to be friend only GoD bless you — I need someone I can write to and open myself up — I have no family at all Becky — I losT Them (cry) — Also — I’m Black very nice in on P.O. Hold — write me and I will say to you why I’m in this mess — it’s coming to The End — much – love – Becky write me Back girl and lets be friend — How abouT It — I need a good friend I’m a good young man !! Looking to hear from you !! Mike Gibson
Okay, first of all, you know he just pulled my name out of the phonebook, cuz that’s how it’s spelled in there. Second of all, just cuz we share the same surname doesn’t make me a candidate for friendship.

Every title I thought of seemed too long for a title. There’s a joke over here on this side of the world, that the copy writers in book development don’t have much of an opportunity to write, so they write the longest book titles possible. I digress. I’m currently going through a transaction dispute with an auction that I “won” on eBay. The seller is making him/herself nearly impossible to contact, and I’m not sure they’re even going to send me the merchandise. Half of this whole deal is my fault, but the other half is not. I’ve been relieved to find out that I am not the most unintelligent eBayer out there. On a very excellent note, I’m getting my hairs cut tonight. When she asks,”What are we doing today?” I will say, “Short and Sassy!”.

Haircuts are fun!

But only when they work out 6 weeks later. Like my current one. I didn’t even notice that I had passed the 6 week mark until yesterday. I have an appointment tomorrow at RZ&Company. I’ve been going there since 1995. It makes me feel old even though I’m not really. Anyhow, I’m in the mood for a slight, non-drastic, change of hairstyle. We’ll have to see what I come up with in the next 28 hours.

Snow and Terrible Drivers

Why is it that we always forget how to drive in the crappiest of Wisconsin weather? And how come Pecatonica is /always/ delayed or shut down? Those kids must go to school until the middle of July to make up for all the snow days! On the other hand, I smiled the whole way to work because they’re fairly understanding when it comes to commuting and the time that it takes. And hell, if I have to stay til 6 to make up the hour that I missed, then at least there’ll be less people on the road. Who am I kidding? I’ll probably try to sneak outta here at 4. :)

Dahl for the soul

I actually read a useful post on alt.animals.ethics.vegetarian! Most of the time it’s this one guy, “God”, telling everyone how not eating meat is killing the cows or some sh*t like that. Anyhow, I found this site, which has a ton of recipes for Dahl. I’ll probably turn into a legume this winter.

Willy St. Co-op

After being all but flogged on the dailypage forum for asking what the benefits are of being a member at the Co-op, Kurt and I are now members. I think it’ll be a good thing, though the prices are a little crazy. Benefits to me: 1. They really do have excellent vegetables. 2. I have at least 6 friends that work there. 3. The deli is yummy. 4. They have sushi-making supplies, books, and fish.

the Friday after

I’m sure glad I don’t have to work today. It feels an awful lot like a Sunday right now, except I have to do USPS-type things and I know that I can. (reference to a festival in some other language removed cuz it’s old)


Traditionally a coming together of families and eating, this year everyone’s going to other people’s houses. Or staying home. Next year, if K. and I get our sh*t together, we might have some people over to our house. You see, we’ll have a dining room then and I can’t wait! Though, we have nothing that resembles any sort of dining room table. Happy Day to you all.