It’s obvious that my work schedule has been deeply ingrained. I’m up and at ’em at the same time I always am. I wonder if my coffeemaker needs a break. Maybe I just need to break my coffeemaker. It was k-dog’s birthday yesterday. She and A. came down to the bah for some drinkin’. Apparently Kurt’s cosmo’s are better than the ones at the Tornado room. I must remember to tell him. Then, after too many (not for the driver), we went to the Greenbush on Regent and had a delicious dinner. I think I had the best Caesar salad ever. The calimari was really good, too. You’ve probably seen this site, but the cartoons are worth lookin’ at every once in a while.


I had a little premenstrual craziness yesterday. I’m not really going to the co-op today at 3. Maybe 4, but that’ll be for dinner (I /love/ the mediterranean orzo salad). I also don’t own a brown shirt, so dressing up like an assh*le is almost impossible for me. Oh, and poo on the snow.

Where do they come from?

I wonder if I’m lucky enough for a certain neighborhood stranger to read /my/ blog every day! *blush* How so very cool that would be! Maybe I’ll see him at the Co-op (*cuz i’m a member now*) tomorrow at 3pm *wink*. You know who you are. I’ll be wearing all brown; so I look like you. Asshole.


Obviously this sleep problem (or lack thereof) is cyclical. Or maybe I’m just antsy for my vacation to start. I’ve been “saving up” things to do so I don’t go crazy, or bring Kurt with me. I’ll bet I’ll forget all about what I was going to work on once Friday comes around. Get this for everyone for xmas. And look at this site at least once a month. I’m surely taking advantage of the free machine coffee at work today.

nothing too crazy

Except today was our xmas xchg at work. The idea here is we draw names, make a gift for under $10 or buy a gift for over $25 (!). Obviously it can become a little hectic for some, say, who don’t have a ton of money, and aren’t very creative. It all works out in the end though. I was going to take a picture of my gift, but I didn’t get around to it in time. I’ll have one from the department photographer by Monday, I’m sure.

pretty cool day

I spent most of it searching fastidiously for a CD of various artists… one of which is featured on this site. This guy is a genious illustrator. I bow to people like him.
We also went out for bfast with Joe, Tooky, Blackie and his friend Peder (pronounced “petter”). Blackie was in town for the weekend to see Jim Rome, someone I’m not sure I would enjoy listening to. But, who knows.
Anyhow, I finally found the CD (and one other) on the German version of Amazon. I spent about 20 minutes going back and forth from amazon.de and my trusty Babel Fish. I also had to use a currency calculator cuz who knows what the Euro is doing these days. It was cheaper for two CDs plus shipping than just one of them on the English version of Amazon. What’s up with that? 


So, this criminal letter has prompted me to wonder why no one else with my last name has attempted to contact me for any good reason. I mean, I’ve never been offered a free guitar, or a free cd, or even a part in a movie with Mel! Maybe I should write all of them and say I want to be friends. I’m a good young gal!!

Strange letter

I received a letter in the mail yesterday. The return address was one that I didn’t recognize, “M. Gibson 115 W. Dotty St Madison – Wisconsin 53703”
Here’s what I got to read: Happy – Holiday Becky 12-2-02 Hey – what’s up I meeT a person in This place – and They knew you!! I jusT wanT to be your friend I’m only here for a little while – Becky — maybe we can geT to be friend only GoD bless you — I need someone I can write to and open myself up — I have no family at all Becky — I losT Them (cry) — Also — I’m Black very nice in on P.O. Hold — write me and I will say to you why I’m in this mess — it’s coming to The End — much – love – Becky write me Back girl and lets be friend — How abouT It — I need a good friend I’m a good young man !! Looking to hear from you !! Mike Gibson
Okay, first of all, you know he just pulled my name out of the phonebook, cuz that’s how it’s spelled in there. Second of all, just cuz we share the same surname doesn’t make me a candidate for friendship.