Not so much…

The week’s been wholly uneventful so far. I took yesterday off which lended some time to get three of the windows plastiqued. I really like the hairdryer part of putting plastic up. I will now make a plug for 3M and their marvelous tape. I got an off-brand last winter and the tape hardly held, and it peeled off terribly with little shards of dried up plastic that smell like some sort of medication. Really. There’s a reason 3M is the best manufacturer of sticky products. I even like their bandaids more than Band-Aid brand.

Staying home

I used to never stay home from work, unless I couldn’t move. It’s nice to be able to stay home when it feels like you’re getting sick. Though, the loss in wages today will prompt me to cook food for lunch for the next week and a half. This will help in my efforts to boycott the workplace’s cafe.

a weekend of games

Mostly with other people, though Friday consisted of a few drinks, and some JT’s Blocks. Saturday was some good, old-fashioned Euchre at Joe and Tooky’s house. I think our skills are improving because the first two rounds went really fast, and resulted in a rubber match. Sunday we went off to Larry and Kay’s for a delicious dinner and some Scrabble. I was a little aprehensive because I’ve never played the game, for real, before. I think Kurt and I have to get a travel Scrabble board just to practice. I wonder if they make a “start up” kit. What I mean to say, is not just this, but a kit with travel Scrabble, the dictionary, and the book of acceptable Scrabble words. Maybe someone smart will read this and tell me where to find one before I ring up another $25 on Amazon. :) We also met the sweetest and most adorable Greyhound yesterday. Larry and Kay’s new couch-warmer Sunny Day. What a cute girl. I think I saw Kurt fall in love with a breed. We’ve been toying with getting a dog, and can’t until we leave our apartment in August, but we’ve now gone through Boston Terrier, Boxer, and “anything from the Humaine Society”. I’m glad we’ve cohesively swayed from bred-to-buy dogs to ones that need a home. Greyhounds are popularly retired at a very young age, mostly due to injury, but some just for “bumping” into other dogs. Apparently this is aggressive behavior. Perhaps they’re pissed off with good reason? That’s enough long windedness from me. Wait til after my coffee is gone! —–


Thanks to a friend, who will remain anonymous, I’ve recently become interested in eBay. Look out resellers!

Nothing much

Today should be a relatively good day. I’m meeting my ex boss for lunch at the Glass Nickel and then Kurt and I have some wardrobes to rejuvinate. George (the lizard) isn’t eating right now so we have to go get him some mealworms. I’m tired, for a Friday.

Well, I’ll be.

The phone is working! Kurt was “Available for a 4 hour period of time” and no one even showed up. My guess is that TDS neglected to run the remote test and went right for the dispatching of a repair specialist. I’ll tell ya one thing, though, if they try to charge me for their services, we’re gunna have a problem.

Cut off from the world

Well.. still no phone service. It would appear that either the technicians from TDS /and/ Ameritech don’t know what they’re doing, or it’s just the ones from Ameritech. I’m not too sure I enjoy the fact that no one knows why I don’t have phone service. It would seem to me that it’s something isolated (i.e., everyone on the block has phone service but me) and if I had a phone line repair kit, I could probably fix it. Anyhow, if I don’t have it when I get home tonight, three days without phone service will be prorated towards my account. I can’t be paying for something I’m not able to use. Hell, I only have the phone line so I can use DSL. If this can’t be resolved, I’ll get rid of the land line and get a cable modem and stick with using my cell phone. That’s enough out of me for now.

Phone and DSL outage

If you’re trying to get ahold of me for any reason, it won’t work. I called Kurt yesterday at 5:11pm, prior to me leaving for home. Sometime between 5:15 and 5:40, my phone service halted; therefore making my DSL inoperable. You can still email and/or leave a voice mail message, but it might take me a while to respond, since I can only check email from work. Pooie.

Sundays are depressing

Not because the world goes back to work tomorrow, but because there’s nothing to do. I take that back. Today I’m going back to my hometown to meet up with old high school friends, one of whom I havn’t seen since graduation. You see, we never had a 5 year reunion (which I hear are pointless anyways; people don’t change much between 18 and 23 I guess.. I did.) because the class president wasn’t, shall we say, very responsible. He even managed to pull a senior prank that banned him from joining in the graduation ceremony. Anyhow, it’s kind of nice to stay in touch with people that you actually liked in high school; people whom are few and far between for me.