operation encourage metabolism

i’m unsure of what happened (duh, i turned 40), but, i gained upwards of 10 pounds since my dr appointment in december. i know i’m not using the same scale, but it’s obvious my front sticks out further than it once did.

i had every intention of starting couch-to-5k on may 1, since it was a monday and it seemed like a logical place to begin. of course, many things kept me from beginning, most of all, my ability to rationalize anything.

my sleep schedule has been a little off. i’ll fall asleep pretty easily but wake up for a bathroom break and then i’m awake for 1-2 hours. this isn’t so terrible. the terrible part is, once i do fall back to sleep, my alarm goes off and i am so deep into a sleep cycle that i can’t even fathom getting out of bed. so then i sleep too late and then i’m too late to work (in my mind) and then i have to catch up and yadda yadda.

so, this morning, i woke up at 5 to pee. laid back down in bed and thought, “i could either stare at my phone for 45 minutes, or i could gtfup and start running.”

i threw on the one sports bra that i could find from the last time i tried this and got on some light layers for jogging. for some reason, even tho it was already 65° and 90% humidity, i decided that i might need a hoodie.

that was silly.

anyhoo, i completed week one, day one of c25k this morning.

afterward, i laid down in bed to cool off and matt had the grand idea to go over to the diner for breakfast. and breakfast we did. at 6:30am.

we got home and i readied myself for work and matt went to bed.

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