one down, three to go

i’m not sure exactly when moving day is, but we had talked about “this month”. he doesn’t have a bed, so i told him that i think the longer he’s not sleeping in his rocking chair, the better it would be for him (i left out “and me”). hopefully, that means he’s staying until the very end of january.

so, yesterday was nice. we went to daisy and i attempted to eat huevos rancheros, then did some errands, and came home. in the evening, we made potato leek soup, and i ate too much considering where my stomach capacity has been for the last week.

it was a usual sunday (except not). and it’s going to be hard doing them by myself. i might have to go back to brunching on the regular so that i can get some social time in.

i started getting a headache around 8 last night and slept about 15 minutes out of every hour last night. i’m working from home today and can hopefully dig into something i’ve been putting off since before thanksgiving.

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