not too shabby

i had a pretty good weekend… it started with a last-minute visit to the crack doctor. i have a knot in my back/neck the size of texas and it’s not getting a whole lot better…
then, i had a tattoo consult. you’ll get to see pictures, i’m sure. that was followed by girls night out + aaron + matt. most everyone but matt and i left before the music got *really* good (when will they learn?) but even we only made it til shortly after midnight. i was a sore cookie the next day.
saturday was spent rearranging the living space to accommodate my new life change… and saturday night brought with it my favorite madison band, el valiente. the opening bands (vampire hands and daughter of the sun) were pretty good, too.
sunday, i had breakfast with mom and george. then proceeded to throw together a suitable garden. i planted pepperoncinis, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, and basil. i also finally got the snow in the summer situated atop a stump in the front yard. hopefully it’ll get enough sun.
i didn’t mow the lawn, tho… and since i’ll be out of town this coming weekend, it’s going to be quite a bear to deal with when i finally can. i might have to mow after work some day this week :/
my ipad is still “prepared for shipping”. i had hoped it wouldn’t arrive on wednesday (i had it shipped to work and i won’t be here that day), but i’m betting i could sweet talk a coworker to bring it closer to the east side if it does.
k… that’s enough out of me for now.

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