i wish i could skip some monday mornings; i really wanted to lay in bed until noon.
the weekend went by in a blur… friday was matt’s first day off the wagon. we went to wilson’s for lunch, and then to mickey’s. he didn’t pace very well, and i’m pretty sure we were in bed by 9. which meant i woke up at 7 on saturday. we walked the dogs and arrived at the old fashioned about 3 minutes after they opened, then came home and i played infinity blade on the ipad for way too long. matt had a bachelor party to attend on saturday night, so we parted ways and i caved and ordered glass nickel again (i really need to stop, but the salads are a great deal) and watched a little bit of teen wolf.
matt rolled in around 2:30 sunday morning, and after sleeping for less than 4 hours, he got up and went to work; i got to sleep in!
i got to mickey’s for brunch around noon, but didn’t get a seat til around one; that place is going to be nuts in the spring.
i came home and made chiles relleños for lunches and enchiladas for dinner while matt slept on the couch. i went to bed before he woke up so i feel like i haven’t really seen him since saturday morning. :/
also, cat:

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