missed anniversary

tomorrow is friday the thirteenth, which reminded me that i totally missed my six-year anniversary of homeownership; i closed on july, 13th. a friday. i’m not superstitious, just a little stitious (thanks michael scott!).
in the grand scheme of things, six years doesn’t seem that long. but, it sometimes feels like i’ve been in that house forever. maybe that’s why i wanted to buy it.
or maybe it’s because the me that bought the house is a far cry from the me that lives there now.
more pictures!:
one of our tomato harvests… we weren’t interested in canning these, so they’re now in the freezer.
i came downstairs one morning to martin’s foot sticking out over the top of the cat tree:
so i held my camera up over my head to get a better view:
and here’s jones with arty aardvark: