it was raining, nay, pouring on tuesday, so i couldn’t walk the dogs after work. i made sure they went out for a second to pee since they’re both pretty good at holding #2 for a time. when we got home tuesday night, jones had made a mess in the living room. he managed to get poop almost everywhere on the hardwood and even stepped in some. i cleaned up and didn’t get mad at him.

today (thursday), i got a text from rodney, “where’s the spray you used to clean up runny dog s#!t?” to which i responded, “uh oh.”

so, either something is stressing him out, i need to let them out once again right before i leave, i need to work from home longer during the day, or he’s sick.

tonight, i’m going to make some white rice and pumpkin for him for dinner. he’ll probably hate it, because it’s not meaty.

i really hope it’s a situation that will pass quickly.

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