july is half over

and just like that, the summer is speeding right by me again.

after a bit of an incident on wednesday night, i worked from home on friday, hoping a friend could come over and take a look.

the head fireman was dumbfounded because there was no trace of the smoke bucket that had been housing cigarettes since matt lived here.

but, since there hadn’t been any rain for a week and a half, things were very very dry. we were just about to head to bed and thankfully, the neighbors were out back with their dogs and came pounding on the door after they called 911.

i’m glad no one was hurt and it seems like it’ll be okay to fix. lance didn’t sound too bad after he took a look.

so friday, i worked, we played pool on the newly-felted tables at wilson’s, saturday was the usual. we were going to head to the fete, but it was raining when we finished brunch, so we didn’t. cool story, bro!

sunday was lazy; r had his daughter’s 10th birthday party to go to, so i stayed home and made my lunches and dozed on the couch.

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