it’s already march

two months ago, i went back to work after a week off with my life flipped upside down and inside out. it was also -16º with the wind chill.

i’m feeling less and less frazzled as the days go on. i’ve been trying to embrace the solitude and take in socialization when i deem it necessary. i’ve been hanging out at wilson’s a lot more and even got a chance to talk with jessi (the most in-charge of the wilson family, aside from randy and sandy who own the place) and she wants to work on a new website! so i’m meeting with her later this week to talk about that.

which is good, cuz merle and jones cost me almost $500 this week, and merle needs to get a dental cleaning soon, which will probably be another $500. without matt’s rent and him splitting some bills with me, i’m hemorrhaging money right now. luckily, my tax return was fast and i’ve been eating out *a lot* less.

i had to file an amended return because i got some paperwork for my mortgage insurance late, so will get another $200 whenever the IRS gets around to that.

all in all, i’m feeling okay about life. today, anyway.

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