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i’ve started a bullet journal. i used to be amazed at my friend Colin that he would have to write down events and appointments in order to keep everything straight.  i know that i can keep loads of info in my head, but i think this is a good time to start *not* having to do that before it becomes a memory issue.

so, i got myself a new notebook (maybe it was just an excuse to do this) that doesn’t have lines or squares, but dots! it also has page numbers which are helpful for filling out the index.

it’s set up with a “year at a glance” page, and then each month gets a page with 1-3n and days of the week going down the left and another page with open tasks, events, etc. to be taken care of or rescheduled for another month. the pages following are a daily log, but i’m using it more for an actual journal of events as opposed to things that need to be scheduled. such as meals, exercise, notable happenings.

i’m five days into it, so i’ll probably make modifications to the system as time goes on to fit my needs. in the mean time, it’s provided a good excuse to get more pens. :)

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