in my previous life

working for the doll factory, whenever i considered looking elsewhere for employment, i was throttled by the generous holiday calendar, early-out fridays, and that bonus week between christmas and new years’ that everyone (in the front of the business, anyway) got to have off. after enduring a relatively hellish fourth quarter last year, having to work almost every day over bonus week, and not getting any emotional or physical credit for it, i knew i had to get out of there; even if it meant giving up that bonus week and half day fridays.

my stress level is greatly reduced. i don’t get the sunday blues, i don’t even dread monday morning! i can roll in when it happens to work out for my sleep schedule, and i can leave and work from home or anywhere, if i needed to.

and, to top it off, i just secured a holiday from christmas eve to the 5th of january. take that, doll factory.

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