holiday break

i’m really looking forward to the time off that i’m able to take between christmas eve and the 5th of january. lots of sleeping in, and lots of time with matt and the animals.

i think, every year, i come up with an aggressive plan to clean or organize or modify; this year is no different!

here’s what i would like to accomplish in the almost-two-weeks off:

clean study

get rid of things i no longer need (three-year old broken computer, computer parts that don’t fit anything anymore)

organize and move items that are in the way


power-clean the floor

consider relocating the toaster oven since it barely gets used

we have a nice, metal shelf from a friend who moved, and i think i want it to replace the shelving situation in front of the window.


put away clothes and pack up items (for st. vinny’s) that no longer fit or that i haven’t worn in a couple of years


clean up the general area at the base of the steps

get new insulation since the mice have ruined most of it between the foundation and where the house starts

what’s in my bag

i need to catalog and find links to the items that i carry on a daily basis, then take a series of photographs and write something up to submit to cool tools. this will be at least a four-hour project.

i think that’s about it; i’ll wait til matt reads the list. :)

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