good dinner and weird dream

i often have strange dreams after sushi night… but last night we decided to try ha long bay on williamson st. where bab’s used to be.
the night started with me asking everyone in my vicinity what the name was, and everyone had a guess but they all sounded quite silly. then i asked facebook and got a response within seconds. ha long bay! my friend said. a search online revealed they lack a website, takeout menus, and a sign posting business hours or name (this was from a daily page forum post a month ago). we decided to give it a try anyway.
the ambiance is great. they added a wall so you can’t see into the kitchen and the greeter counter is very inviting. we were seated immediately and had waters within seconds. be prepared with your tastes because their menu is twelve 8.5×11″ pages, front and back. each entree type is divided into three categories, vietnamese, lao, and thai. luckily, i have the no-meat diet so that narrowed the menu down by about 2/3rds.
i got the veggie spring roll (2 for $3.95!) and yellow curry. i decided to try the curry first because if a place effs up curry, you know i won’t be back. kurt got the pork egg rolls and a huge bowl of soup with “rare beef and well-done flank”.
the spring rolls were delicious and crisp and fresh and not too minty. kurt’s eggrolls were also devoured. the yellow curry (tho the mildest of curries) was good, but just a little bland. i’m used to yellow curry dishes with a little more coconut milk and less chili oil. kurt’s soup was met with sheer delight. we’ll definitely be back; it’ll take 8 years to get through that menu.
my dream was too long to describe to you, but it had a lot of people i know in it and was very strange. someone wanted to store a bunch of mattresses in my house (which was my childhood house) and after they moved them all in, i was like “wtf? hell no.” and everyone got mad at me. then it was some 4th of july celebration and some weird bar party.

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