fleeting time

pretty soon it’ll be the willy st fair and summer will be officially over!

we had a house guest this weekend, and also simon and beth’s backyard labor day party. that was a hoot! the mosquitoes were terrible (as expected) and everyone was dancing around trying not to get bit. i didn’t put on any repellant and i think i was in the same boat as everyone else, just with less deet.

we had sunday brunch at mickey’s with rodney’s sister and her boyfriend and, exhausted from the weekend, i laid down to nap at 7p and woke up around midnight. i guess i needed the rest.

on monday, we scooted off to milwaukee for my first miller park game. i donned a cubs shirt that i bought a couple months ago as a goof.

not being prepared for the weather, we sat in the back of the van watching our car neighbors grill out in the rain. once it let up a little, we hiked to the stadium and got ourselves inside. i had bought tickets a couple months ago in the nosebleed section, but we never left the entry-level floor cuz there are a million places to stand where you can see the game better. drinks were outrageously expensive, but i figured i should treat myself to a “double shot mason jar drink” for $19. yes, $19.

i gave the mason jar to a wilson’s friend who likes the brewers.

having thought ahead, i took tuesday off of work for some recovery time. we had lunch at mickey’s and walked up to ace so i could replace the tiny swiss army knife that was donated to miller park security. then headed to wilson’s for what turned out to be a pretty interesting afternoon.

we called it an early night and both got a lot of sleep to head back to work today. except, i woke up with kathryn hepburn’s voice and my own stuffed sinuses.

my boss said to make sure i didn’t have whooping cough because the brewers whooped the cubs last night (11 to 1). i guess i’m that gal now.

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