first camp

i’ve been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now. i am finally relaxing on a sunday afternoon, so i can type it up.

matt and i had never been camping together. the last time i actually camped (the music event last year doesn’t count because i ended up staying in my car) was before i bought the house (so, over 10 years ago) and jones was wee. and it kinda really didn’t count because we were on some private land in blanchardville with access to a plumbed toilet and downtown was a mere 5-minute car ride away. and, i was with someone else.

anyhoo, we picked a state park on the recommendation of a couple folks and drove up there with the car full of dogs and supplies. we brought with some pig knuckles to keep the dogs occupied while getting used to the new place; those worked out really well. matt got the fire going and i got the tent set up. we hung out and had dinner. eventually, i went to “bed”. it gets quotes because i barely slept. the sleeping pad i had brought sucked, i couldn’t get comfy, my inflatable pillow was too soft for sleeping on my back (which i don’t like to do anyway) and too hard for sleeping on my front. i snored. i tossed. and then something scared merle, who barked inside the tent, which made jones bark outside the tent (matt and jones stayed up to watch the fire), which woke me up. i think matt came to bed around 5, which was about when i decided that i couldn’t continue to try sleeping.

luckily for me, tho, not being able to sleep led to my setting up the hammock in order to doze a little. i didn’t really nap, but it was nice to relax since i couldn’t do much else.

the sun hitting my leg makes the background look like it was green-screened in. i got the fire going from the coals from the night before and swung back and forth for a while. until i got hungry. we brought eggs for breakfast, but i used one to try out the jet boil’s ability to, well, boil an egg.

it came out perfectly.

here’s merle, enjoying the sun at camp.

and here’s nora after we got home and everyone was able to relax and sleep.

we haven’t planned a second trip, but it’ll be some time.

i’m working on my preparations for take-two of the music festival that didn’t go as planned last year. the start of which is featured in the following post.

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