after nine months of working at the new place, i’m having dreams with these people instead of the other people.

last night, i dreamed i was tackled by a tiny yellow cow, a hairy purple/red fuzzy creature, a guinea pig, and something that was all white but i can’t remember now.

additionally, i was in some church where everyone had ipads and iphones and we were all playing clash of clans, but the deal was that you had to team up with people and pass your ipad around. but, someone lost mine and didn’t seem very regretful about it.

then, a current coworker, with whom i don’t really work because he’s in portland, showed me how to steal people’s army if they were on the same network as my phone, using an application called WIX. i remember being very excited that i took millions of little army dudes from people.

then i woke up.

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