festivals and things

the weekend went by too quickly again. the waterfront festival kicked off a summer of outdoor events. we learned saturday morning that r’s daughter would be coming with his sister to the festival and it wasn’t a good time for me to be introduced as the new girlfriend, so we kept it pretty mellow. and by that, i mean that i walked around without them and ran into a bunch of folks that i haven’t seen since i’ve been spending time at wilson’s; i went to mickey’s by myself to get out of the sun and get some water. it was nice to see jen.

i ended up getting a pretty hefty sunburn because i had forgotten to put on sunscreen and when he offered to run back home to get it while we were waiting for breakfast, i declined the offer. i’m still not sure why i can’t accept that he wants to do nice things like that for me.

sunday was a little lazier, we didn’t even get out of bed until after 10, had brunch at mickey’s, hung out a little at wilson’s and he headed to softball practice while i came home to make food and play fallout.


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