feeling weirdly

TMI warning

my hormones are making me crazy. i haven’t been able to focus on work for the past three days. my anxiety is coming back a little. my appetite is barely there. i nearly broke down this morning and thankfully matt was available for a phone call because i didn’t know what else to do.

i’m seeing my doctor next week to talk about birth control options to both try to improve the cramps and general fatigue i experience at the start of shark week and now this whatever is happening during ovulation week. i’ve noticed an increased feeling of insanity, anxiety, helplessness, and lack of focus over the previous half a year and really don’t care for it.

i am, however, apprehensive about hormonal birth control because of the significant weight/water gain and general disinterest in intimacy that i experienced at 20 with my second batch of norplant. so, i probably won’t go down a route that is that permanent for that long.

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