early darkness

now is the time of year that i am most grateful for quitting smoking. i used to have such a hard time seeing while driving home, especially when then ground was wet, that i had to drive through town which took sometimes an hour and half to get home. i’m thoroughly convinced that my not smoking has had a profound affect on my night-vision.
however! it’s a huge pita to walk the dogs in the park at night. they’re both black, and the park is black. especially since one of the “street” lights is out at my entrance. i reported it to the city of madison website on monday, but they haven’t gotten out there to fix it yet. the park is pretty uncomfortably dark even with that light working.
so, i bought two led dog collars just to throw on before a walk. that way i don’t have to keep yelling, letting everyone know that i’m a girl walking alone in a park. :/
i also bought some new biking gloves, the ones i got from machinery row a couple weeks ago don’t feel like they’ll cut it on a ride when it’s less than 20°.
and a tiny ratcheting socket set. cuz i wanted to fix the stool i was sitting on last night and i couldn’t. :x

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