downward dog

it’s been a long 24 hours. i made it to work pretty early yesterday, and by early, i mean 8 (it’s so very calming to be treated as an adult and trusted to get work done regardless of butt-in-seat time). i finally laid my head down around 11p, woke up around 1a, didn’t fall back to sleep til 5a, woke up to my alarm at 8a.

i needed to get in early in order to ensure that i could leave by 5 to get back to the other side of the isthmus for yoga; the first practitioner-led yoga class that i’d been to in the last 15 years.


thankfully, it was led by the same practitioner that i learned from in the small front room of the willy st coop. i’m not even sure if that room exists anymore, now that they’re remodeling.

i hope to stick to it, if nothing more than to learn how to gtfo of my head for at least  the fifteen minute shavasana pose at the end of the workout.

i did determine that i need different clothes than what i wore. so, i ordered some black leggings (other colors don’t really hide sweat very well), and a tank top, hopefully they show up before next wednesday.

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