or, “what did you do on your friday night?”

since i’m hitching a ride with some acquaintances to EF17, i want to pack lite, which means i’m trying out food dehydration. since i had some of my overnight oats* all ready to go, i decided to give it a go.

the dehydrator instructions for fruit leather said to grease the tray with something, but since my breakfast isn’t supposed to be greasy, i went with a light avo spray and made sure it went on extra thin. i spread out the oats that i had (two-servings-worth) and turned on the machine:

this is what it looked like after one hour:

and after two, i flipped it over:

after three and four hours:

i let it rest in the machine for the night, as it would likely dehydrate more, and i was tired of checking on it.

in the morning, i cut it up into what i thought was two servings and decided to try the jet boil to taste the results:

it wasn’t as sweet as fresh, which is surprising since the almond milk that i use is the less-sweet sweetened kind. i guess i didn’t realize how much sweet it imparted. after i made the amount that i thought was correct, i found that even half of that was enough for a morning get-me-going meal. so, i might have enough to take to the festival without having to fuss with more.

the next trial will be scrambled eggs and polenta. and if everything about this fails, i have some boxes of zatarain’s rice meals to pack.

*my recipe is a slight modification to the one in oh she glows, but it’s very similar.

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