day two

making the tea with microwaved water is a lot better. i was too full to drink the smoothie, so i brought it to work with me. yesterday was kinda weird in that i’m taking on a few more responsibilities and spent most of the morning in meetings, so by the time 12:30 rolled around, i had a headache. i’m not sure if i can solely attribute it to the diet.

lunch was just okay. maybe 10 minutes in oil, cumin, and cayenne wasn’t enough to marinade the chicken, or maybe i cooked it a second too long in the george foreman, but diced up, in the salad was just not any better than it not being there at all. the dressing was great, tho!

i wasn’t really hungry for the afternoon snack (i opted to bring pudding again because i didn’t want to eat a rice cake), but i can physically tell that there’s a lack of sugar in the meals and needed some fruit.

dinner came after i spent a while preparing the crudité for day three and i realized that the salmon cakes are really good. the recipe called for three servings, but the diet only calls for two meals. since i spent $20 on the salmon, i had to do some rejiggering to get one more meal of that kind in.

i don’t know if i could handle the planning and preparation for longer than a week. we probably spent four hours each per night to prepare days one and two. thankfully, a lot of what’s left is either a repeat or significantly easier.

i enjoyed tart cherry concentrate with my plain soda water last night and found it to be a refreshing break from water. i have to stop at jeni street for another tiny chicken breast for day three and i hope they have some cherry juice so that i don’t have to brave woodman’s the day after the election.

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