captain’s log, day two

it was a -7° “feels-like” morning, but i knew that i couldn’t work from home. after being mostly isolated by vacation and the cold for over a week, i had to brave the temps and go into the office.

except i forgot a couple of things. i hadn’t been on my bike since the friday before christmas, i hadn’t eaten more than a subway sub in the last three days (i’m only slightly exaggerating), and it was day two of aunt flo’s surprise early visit. all of these things, compounded with my studded wheels, made the commute about fifteen minutes longer than it should have been.

i was plenty warm but exhaustion and fatigue (similar but not the same) set in when i was changing out of my fleece-lined jeans; i almost passed out in the bathroom.

thankfully, my kombucha is tasty and i was able to drink half a bottle during an unexpected two-hour meeting.

a meeting after which don and erin insisted i go out to eat. assuring them that food ingestion wasn’t going to happen anyway, we might as well go to the echo because it is close and they like it enough.

i got the grilled chicken sand cuz i knew some protein was probably a good idea (see, not all of me is neurotic, just most of me). i ate some fries, but they weren’t very good and i had about four or five bites or the sandwich. the rest of which is sitting in the fridge at work. i hope to be able to throw it away tomorrow or the next day.

i’m home and on the couch now, waiting for sleep to overcome so i don’t have to think about the fact that i should make something for dinner.

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