cooper’s hawk!

this morning, a hawk decided to pay visit to the chicken coop.
while i was dishing out my lunch, i heard the ladies squawk in such a way that i’d not yet experienced… so i ran to the day spa and opened the door. the hawk had just hopped from the top of the coop onto the run. that scared the girls under the coop. i yelled to matt, “hawk on run!” and slammed the back door, still holding the spatula.
i ran up to the coop and shouted, “you’re not getting in there, $*&cker!” knowing full well that there was no way he’d be able to get at the chickens. he hopped onto the fence, nonchalantly, and then flew into a nearby oak tree. the chickens were still visibly shaken, but came closer to where we were standing than ever before.
maybe this is a turning point, when they now realize we’re there to protect them and we’re not a threat.

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