wednesday already?

Really though, I know I complain about being not-so-busy at work.. and it’s really not /that/ bad, but when I am busy, the week just goes by so much faster and I’m just that much closer now to sitting on the couch Saturday morning with my knitting. That’s all I want. Nothing extraordinary has taken place yet this week.. mom, you know what I’m talking about. My work caf� boycott isn’t going so well.. I’ve gotten a salad a day for a couple weeks now. I think I’ll be okay as long as I steer clear of the “specials”.


At 5 to 5 last night, I learned that the job description that I wrote for myself at the end of last year is being rapidly pushed through to fruition. I had previous knowledge that it was being “worked on”, which lead me to beleive that it would be another 5 months before I heard anything again. In the meantime, I tried to figure out what I’d say if they told me I could start at $13.65 an hour. Well, not really what I’d say, but exactly how I would say it. So, again, rewind to 4:55p yesterday: They’re deliberating whether or not to make my position salaried, since my skills and tasks cover a huge range. I’m kinda nervous though, I don’t know if my boss feels like that would be a good idea… I think I need to update my resume, anyhow.


You’ve probably read it already, but I hadn’t. Here’s what some people have to say about blogs. Just got back from a nummy breakfast at Monty’s with T. I will say that Lazy Jane’s does a better spinch feta omelette. I really enjoy how he and I can’t stop talking. It’s good to know someone’s listening between glares at the screaming baby in the next booth. :)

the boycott continues

It’s really not just me being a brat. The caf� has no idea how to appease the vegetarian masses. I know I’m not the only one, either. The best part about their “lunch menu” is that they indicate Weight Watchers points with each day’s meal description. If you’ve ever known anyone to try Weight Watchers, you learn that each day is allotted 20-25 points depending on your goal weight; well each of the caf�’s lunches are between 20 and 25 points! Why bother? I’m also disappointed in their near-refusal to make me a fresh sandwich. Their problem solving skills include making 20 turkey and swiss and one veggie sandwich in the morning and putting them in the cooler. If I wanted a sandwich that was made this morning and put in a cooler, I would have brought my own sandwich. Needless to say, today I’ll be having rice pilaf.


Normally, I hate it when people are like, “it’s so cold out! i can’t wait til summer.” and then when August comes around and it’s like 150 degrees with humidity, they’re like, “i wish it was January!”. I’m f*cking cold. Not just toes and fingers, but cold to the core. It takes me a while to heat up after being outside. Matter of fact, I don’t think I ever actually get warm at work. The heat is on some sort of timer that drops 10 degrees right after lunchtime. Anyhow. I’m busy today.

workin’ gal

If you’re close enough to me, you might have noticed my complaining as of late. I sit around at work for a while, waiting for stuff to do, and then all of a sudden I get super busy. This procedure and happenstance doesn’t bother me until I am no longer busy. I love being busy! I should work at a daily publication. I hate sitting around for more than 30 minutes wasting everyone’s time. Today, I am busy.

back to work

So today is my first day back since I left the office on the 19th of December. I must say it’s only half as much of a relief as I thought it would be. I also didn’t wear at my companion nearly as much as I thought I would; that’s a good thing. The new year was rung in with new friends and old. It was a nice mix of conversation and quiet. Too bad I only remember the first part of the evening. :) Here you go, b o b (and anyone else), MASH.

nothing too crazy

Except today was our xmas xchg at work. The idea here is we draw names, make a gift for under $10 or buy a gift for over $25 (!). Obviously it can become a little hectic for some, say, who don’t have a ton of money, and aren’t very creative. It all works out in the end though. I was going to take a picture of my gift, but I didn’t get around to it in time. I’ll have one from the department photographer by Monday, I’m sure.

Tuesday like a Wednesday

It’s a short week this week. I have Thursday and Friday off. Friday, not because of Thanksgiving, but because no one else is going to be here which would help me not get anything done if I were to show up. So, I’m boycotting the cafe here at work. They’re terribly inefficient and thoughtless when it comes to vegetarians. I’ll bet you $2 that they use chicken broth in the damn tomato soup. Anyhow, I’ve made it a week and two days without even setting foot in the cafe. This brings me to a site that I just found., I was looking for something quick to make and heat up for lunch. I’m kinda getting tired of cucumber and cheese sandwiches. So, this is what I found. I think I’ll be trying that tomorrow!