venus in retrograde

i don’t know how this shit rings true, but the horoscope i got from chani today has a few interesting snippets.

This, and every Venus retrograde, will always pull into focus your heart and finances. That’s because Venus rules your 2nd house of the work you do to support yourself and the money, resources and assets you have as a result, as well as your 7th house of committed partnerships.
With this specific Venus retrograde you are being asked to go through a therapeutic process in regards to these areas of your life. What isn’t working for you in love or work life? What about this moment is similar to what you went through 8 years ago financially?

my committed partnership is doing well, and my money, resources, and assets are in a way better place than they were eight years ago. it was about eight years ago that julie moved out after taking over the second floor for a couple of months and i was freaking out about having to maintain the mortgage without that rental income.

eight years ago is about when i started really looking to leave the doll factory because they’d eliminated my user experience designer position and laterally moved me back to a front-end developer. i interviewed in black river falls for a user experience position that i really wanted but didn’t get.

This new moon marks the beginning of something in this area of your life, but the beginning is intertwined with a transformation and review. Something about the nature of what you do for a living is in need of an overhaul, either in regards to your relationship to the work itself, or the relationships that surround it. 

thinking a little more about what isn’t working in my work life and sort of my relationship to the work itself: i’ve been feeling kinda stagnant at work since april. i haven’t actually really developed a website in over a year (it’s been almost exactly a year since my promotion). i’ve been feeling like i’m not technically proficient anymore.

i’m excited/not excited about a new project kicking off today. it’s in a cms that i hate but at least i’ll be responsible for making it technically successful. which means i need to stay on top of the plugin releases in order to make the right choice for solutions. 

signs of fall

the annual lutefisk dinner invitation showed up yesterday and it (always) falls the day before dst. some years it’s below 0º and some years (like last year) the broken heater in my car was annoying enough for the short trip to barneveld.

the lilac leaves are starting to turn, which just reminds me that it was so cool this spring (SNOW ON MY BIRTHDAY) that it never had a chance to blossom, so all we could smell was peachy.

the sunrise and sunset times on my weather app are slowly creeping toward each other.

football and thoughts of thanksgiving and the holidays are more prominent.

at least i’m happy.

busy day

actually, it wasn’t that busy, it just felt hectic.

i was at work right up until 3 and biked home to walk dogs. they always seem lackadaisical when i’m in a bit of a hurry; i needed to squeeze in some rodney time between work and the wordpress meetup. around 5:10, i hopped on the bike to go back downtown (which means i made up for one of my days off the bike by putting in ~17 miles yesterday). 

the meetup was a great topic, but i’m a little disappointed in the lack of rsvp management from participants. as of 5 pm, there were 20 folks confirmed and when the speaker started, there were a total of 10 of us, including the speaker. :/

after the meetup, i zipped back home and didn’t feel like making dinner, so i suggested burrito drive. fish tacos had been mysteriously missing from their online menu since sunday night, so i was holding off bringing them back into the rotation. i ordered the grilled chicken burrito and rodney got the house chimi. after placing the order, my phone rang and it was them! the nice gal said that she didn’t know why the tacos weren’t online, but did i want them anyway? it’s probably the fourth time they’ve done this for me.

so we enjoyed dinner with some parks & rec and then called it a night.


as predicted, it was a blast.

we got there around 6:30 and found our way to the duck blind where we got a wristband and a cup. i had already scoped out the bevvies and we made our way to the drank stand and i got the cider they had (it was stella cidre but i refused to pronounce it that way) and we made our way back up to the seats where there were hot trays of free food, including veggie burgers! so that was dinner.

the game really was just sort of a background to what amounted to a work picnic. it was nice that not a lot of work-talk happened (some is inevitable). rodney tried his hardest to get people to participate in the clapping and hollerin’. it felt like a good practice for our cubs v. brewers game on labor day.

5 stars, will do again.

weird dreams again

i had combo stress dreams about having to learn a new CMS and playing super mario world but everything was in japanese. rodney didn’t sleep well last night, either. maybe there’s something in the air.

we’ve been having a good time of life and things continue to be pretty amazing.

hopefully, this weekend, lance can come over and help me with the material list for the deck and a plan of attack for fixing it.

since yesterday

after seeing yesterday that i can take my bp down 10+ points by relaxing and breathing, i’ve been trying to be a lot more mindful of my stress level and what triggers it, at work specifically.

i know that i get triggered by notifications and the red circled number next to my email app icon and notifications from the inter-office chat program, so i’ve decided that i need to exit those two applications when i want to focus and get something done.

i need to stop feeling like i have to address every little thing the second it blinks or beeps for my attention.

antsy pants

a combination of the wonderful weather, a little breathing room at work, and wanting to be with r all waking hours makes it really hard to sit at my desk and be productive. i basically just stare at the clock until 3 pm, when i leave to deal with the dogs.

this week has been a little easier since he’s up and out of the house at 6 am for work, so i don’t get too distracted in the morning.

we played pool last night and i was awful. not sure why i ebb and flow so much, but it’s annoying. his friend matt tried to recruit us to a 14-week dart league but it goes until 1030 pm and i don’t think i would be able to commit to being awake that late.


maybe not oops… but maybe.

my boss returned from a couple of back to back vacations and apologized for leaving me with a couple of burning busses to deal with last week.

unsurprisingly, my stress level is visible and my concerted effort to start saying no more often is having an effect.

it doesn’t feel good to say no, but maybe i’ll get used to it.

dreary day

this is my least favorite biking weather; 32° and rain. it also means that i won’t want to leave the house when i’m done working this evening. which is fine, i guess; i’m getting used to the routine.

i typically get home around 3:30, jones begs for a walk until about 4, then we go for a walk, i work until about 5:30 and then feed the dogs and clean up the dishes from last night’s dinner. i knit for a while on the couch until 6:30 and then start dinner. i knit and watch the office while dinner is cooking. then i eat, knit some more, and go to bed when i get tired.


feels like -21°

this morning, my phone told me the feels-like temp and i made the executive decision to work from home today. it’s our work holiday party tonight at pasqual’s, so i’ll see most folks there.

i’ve also been trying to work my new schedule so that myself and others can get used to it, but the dogs won’t care until it’s just we three in the house.