*relaxing sigh*

what a lovely set of days off. i really needed a break from work. i turned my out of office on starting wednesday at 3pm and turned off all notifications from the slack app until monday morning.

and now, gentle reader, prepare thyself for a photo dump.

the turkey. dry brined for 16 hours, rubbed all over with butter, stuffed with a lemon and two heads of garlic, trussed, and roasted for 3 hours.

stuffing prep. this actually began tuesday night (baking the par-baked baguette) and was made wednesday and reheated while the turkey rested on thursday. i used this recipe and it turned out wonderfully.

i didn’t get a picture of the gravy, but here’s the start of it, made from leeks and butter.

i could barely eat half of what i put on my plate, but it was all delicious.

not to waste a thing, i popped the carcass into my big slow cooker on thursday night and it simmered for about 16 hours; after which, rodney strained the broth out and we made turkey noodle soup.

and finally, we had leftovers for dinner on saturday night (with some still left in the fridge!).

 also, dogs.