rando update

more weird dreams last night. some about the doll factory, some about my mom wanting to pursue a startup app that did something like project management and i refused to participate (i think she wanted me to do the programming and i don’t have experience in mobile-app-programming). then i found myself at a bookstore looking for a book whose name escapes me right now, but i really needed to find it. i wish i could remember the name because it was poignant and catchy.

anyhoo, rodney and i had another spectacular weekend. we got to have brunch with mom and george at sardine, rodney had the best hamburger in his life and now it’s ruined the mickey’s burger for him.

i wasn’t feeling too human on sunday morning, so i decided to forego the previously planned trip to costco, which meant i needed to replan lunches for the week; so i opted for the slow-cooker chicken taco soup, which is the easiest thing in the world to make.

i’m hoping we can get to costco tonight or tomorrow night, as i have the wordpress meetup on wednesday and the atwood pantry board meeting on thursday.