one more day

i’m feeling woefully unprepared for this trip, or rather, for the camping itself. three afternoons/nights/mornings of 14 hours of music and a 90% likelihood of rain mixed with sleeping on the ground (i’ve decided to bring my unreasonably-thick yoga mat) will make for an interesting time.

i had planned on coming back sometime on sunday so i could get a day of normalcy in before coming back to work, but one of my favorite djs is on at 9p on sunday night. i guess we’ll have to see where my friend and i are at. he said he wouldn’t mind coming back sunday because “we’re not kids anymore.”

since there will be no cell service, i don’t know how many folks will have their phones out to take pictures. it feels like that’s going to be frowned upon, but i don’t know how any of us will remember everything if there isn’t photography to keep. i’m glad i got a larger storage iphone for my recent upgrade.

sort of a plan

so i’ve landed on making some hobo packets for dinners and overnight oats for breakfasts. i got a butane grill from farm n fleet last weekend for ~$16 (they were having a sale on their camping gear), so that should suffice; i also got some freezer bricks, and a pop-up garbage can.

i neglected to set up the tent last weekend because the yard took precedent, but will have to, just to air it out and make sure it has all the parts.

i’m nervous about leaving matt and the dogs for so long. but, i think the strangeness of being transported back 20 years will likely take over and i’ll be able to relax once i can dance.


matt was worried about me going to furthur by myself, so i asked my friend judy and she didn’t think she could handle all the people (according to facebook, 2.6k are going). my friend josh said he’d go and he obviously can’t because he has a bar to open.

i finally heard from a friend who may have been somewhere where the internet is not allowed. he came with me to the ’96 furthur and it only seemed fitting that he should be there this time. so, he’s coming with.



drop bass announced 10 DIY sound stages over the course of the last week and then announced the headliners this past monday. i’m not super familiar with most of them, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be any less amazing.

so, i have a month and a half left to plan. i’m not sure if i should try to find folks to carpool with. the rumor mill is already trying to figure out where “approximately 5 hours from minneapolis, madison, and milwaukee” is. the current speculation is the fon du lac area. other known facts are that the nearest hotel is an hour away and cellular coverage will be spotty at best. also, the main tent will have a cellular blocker.

it’ll be great to get away from glowing blue screens for a weekend.

a note

before it’s long forgotten, we had the pleasure of seeing murder by death on st. patty’s day at the annex. one of the opening bands (the life and times) was equally awesome, and i’d like to procure some of their discography… especially their next cd, if they have one. i recall one song in particular that i really liked, but also remember him thanking the crowd for being nice right afterwards cuz they were trying out new songs.


this week has felt particularly long… i’ve been trying to stay up later because i kept waking up in the middle of the night and couldn’t fall back to sleep. i think it’s working, but i do feel more tired when my alarm finally goes off. maybe it’s just cyclical.
i’ve found some new music recently, as suggested by a friend whom i met when i was 16 while working at hardee’s in stoughton. the group is called beats antique and they sound really cool. they’ll be coming to the majestic in may and we’ll probably be in attendance. additionally, murder by death will be at the annex in a couple weeks, so we’ll be seeing them, too.
here’s to friday, and another nice weekend. *clnk*

stuff and things

i should be fully decked out with the magical, revolutionary ipad by monday. right now, the case is in anchorage and the ipad is in memphis but they both came from china.
also, murder by death was awesome; we all had a really good time. one of the opening bands, linfinity was really good, too. they looked like they were having the best time in the world on stage and it made me smile.
the basement is (almost) fully cleared out, ready for some mold-resistant paint and furnishings. next week is going to be jam packed with rearranging and moving stuff around.
also, these guys were chilling in the creek yesterday.


so, i just finished listening to nin’s pretty hate machine which i had on audio cassette a million years ago. and in addition to “taking me back some” 13 years, it made me feel pretty insignificant in my life’s accomplishments. :/
to clarify: not because of the success of nine inch nails, but like i should have something to show for my (almost) 30 years on the planet. a house or something? a pulitzer prize? i dunno.
i think i’m just, as colin said it, terrified of becoming 30.

more on lala

i received my first monthly charge from lala this morning. $29.75 for 18 cds (you get the first one free for signing up) is surely a square deal! now to get rid of the ones i don’t want to hold on to anymore…