saturday visitors

i guess no soliciting! only applies to people looking for money… this morning, our doorbell rang at 10:15… i can usually tell who’s there by peeking my head around the corner, down the stairs. i was looking at a couple of believers… either the mormon or jehovah’s variety.
lemme segue by telling you a couple stories of these visitors from my childhood. once, i was out in the back yard helping mom do something, and i went around to the front of the house to see someone standing at our door. and i did something silly, i invited them (or was it just one person?) to the back to talk with mom. boy was she pissed.
later on, i learned a trick. i could see them coming down the five-house cul de sac, ringing each doorbell and waiting an uncomfortable amount of time before moving on to the next house… so i took the opportunity of the twenty minutes that it took for them to reach our house to don heavy eye makeup and find mom’s iron butterfly album to play as loud as her ancient speakers would endure. i don’t think they rang our bell. i’m not sure i could have heard it if they had.
anyway, fast forward to this morning. she wanted to read a scripture to me to see what i thought of it. i said, “no thank you… i don’t think so.” she wanted to know if i was a bible reader. no? do i just not have time? i said that i didn’t believe in a higher power and i found my sanctity elsewhere, but i appreciate their beliefs and am happy they find peace where they do. she said thanks and i closed the door.
she was too sweet to argue with, so i let her go at that.