venus in retrograde

i don’t know how this shit rings true, but the horoscope i got from chani today has a few interesting snippets.

This, and every Venus retrograde, will always pull into focus your heart and finances. That’s because Venus rules your 2nd house of the work you do to support yourself and the money, resources and assets you have as a result, as well as your 7th house of committed partnerships.
With this specific Venus retrograde you are being asked to go through a therapeutic process in regards to these areas of your life. What isn’t working for you in love or work life? What about this moment is similar to what you went through 8 years ago financially?

my committed partnership is doing well, and my money, resources, and assets are in a way better place than they were eight years ago. it was about eight years ago that julie moved out after taking over the second floor for a couple of months and i was freaking out about having to maintain the mortgage without that rental income.

eight years ago is about when i started really looking to leave the doll factory because they’d eliminated my user experience designer position and laterally moved me back to a front-end developer. i interviewed in black river falls for a user experience position that i really wanted but didn’t get.

This new moon marks the beginning of something in this area of your life, but the beginning is intertwined with a transformation and review. Something about the nature of what you do for a living is in need of an overhaul, either in regards to your relationship to the work itself, or the relationships that surround it. 

thinking a little more about what isn’t working in my work life and sort of my relationship to the work itself: i’ve been feeling kinda stagnant at work since april. i haven’t actually really developed a website in over a year (it’s been almost exactly a year since my promotion). i’ve been feeling like i’m not technically proficient anymore.

i’m excited/not excited about a new project kicking off today. it’s in a cms that i hate but at least i’ll be responsible for making it technically successful. which means i need to stay on top of the plugin releases in order to make the right choice for solutions. 


testing the grammarly issue again so i can submit a bug report.

for some reason, after updating the plugin from 3.4.0 to 3.6.2, grammarly no longer checks the paragraph block consistently.

friday, saturday, sunday! thanks, costco. i’ll keep typing onto two lines to see if it’ll check this block. not yet!

for those of you following along, updating the plugin fixed the rss feed issue, but now grammarly is highly delayed in checking the blocks for errors…

found a bug

i am not sure who i will notify, but i found a bug using gutenberg blocks and the grammarly plugin for chrome. if a word is flagged by grammarly as unknown or, in my case, not capitalized, it doesn’t make it into the blog post in my feedly rss feed.

apologies to readers who have been seeing choppy posts because of this.

busy day

actually, it wasn’t that busy, it just felt hectic.

i was at work right up until 3 and biked home to walk dogs. they always seem lackadaisical when i’m in a bit of a hurry; i needed to squeeze in some rodney time between work and the wordpress meetup. around 5:10, i hopped on the bike to go back downtown (which means i made up for one of my days off the bike by putting in ~17 miles yesterday). 

the meetup was a great topic, but i’m a little disappointed in the lack of rsvp management from participants. as of 5 pm, there were 20 folks confirmed and when the speaker started, there were a total of 10 of us, including the speaker. :/

after the meetup, i zipped back home and didn’t feel like making dinner, so i suggested burrito drive. fish tacos had been mysteriously missing from their online menu since sunday night, so i was holding off bringing them back into the rotation. i ordered the grilled chicken burrito and rodney got the house chimi. after placing the order, my phone rang and it was them! the nice gal said that she didn’t know why the tacos weren’t online, but did i want them anyway? it’s probably the fourth time they’ve done this for me.

so we enjoyed dinner with some parks & rec and then called it a night.

this is only a test

i just activated the gutenberg block editor to try it out.

i also realized last night that i haven’t knitted in a long time and am just a tiny little bit excited for the weather to get cooler and to spend more time on the couch.

mercury in retrograde

a couple of weeks ago, i had asked one of my cohorts if he thought we should cancel this month’s meetup because the traffic from the concerts on the square and it being summer made last month’s turnout about a third of what was expected.

he hemmed long enough for the possible speaker to get back to me with confirmation that he could come up from rockford. this was good news because he’s an expert on woocommerce and that topic has been requested several times.

fast forward to last night when i didn’t want to leave rodney’s side to bike downtown but did it anyway because i’m committed to people learning. right after i locked up my bike outside of 100state (at 5:32 pm), i pulled out my phone to check email and work chat in case something had come up.

while i was en route, i had received an email from the speaker that he was going to have to cancel due to a family emergency.

it was way too late to cancel the meetup; some of our regulars drive 45+ minutes (one guy drove 100 miles for this topic), and it was way too late to cancel the pizza since it was probably already in the delivery driver’s car.

so i go upstairs and plop everything down, unprepared to be in this position. i informed the guy who has taken over sponsorship of the group (so we can meet at 100state) and he made some phone calls. after those did not pan out, he spent the next 10 minutes whipping together a presentation which he nailed out of the park.

i was in awe. happily in awe.

i woke up yesterday morning, not realizing mercury was starting its retrograde spin, thinking that i should have a backup plan prepared in case something like this were to happen.

at least now i have a month to figure that one out.


i remember being a lot more twitchy about turning 30 than i was about 40.

i had a lovely birthday week, complete with lots of dining out, naps, and dog walks. we went to grampa’s and morris ramen for some meals, we explored the path off fair oaks behind the garver feed mill for the first time in many years, and surprisingly, i didn’t get breakfast at the diner any of the days.

i did, however, make a pretty good replica of the sandwich from sardine that i like a lot.

i was going to start couch to 5k this week, but can’t find the very expensive sports bra that i bought last time. i did a dresser purge a little while ago and am fearful that i donated it along with some other bras that no longer fit.

last night, work sponsored pizza and the meeting space for the first madison wordpress meetup and it was a success! there were many last-minute cancellations, but the crowd that did arrive were enthusiastic and had many great ideas to fuel the next meetup(s). it’s going to be a lot of work each month, but i think it’ll be worth it.

i did this thing

so, i’m the new founder of madison’s wordpress meetup. i was also labeled ‘sr. developer’ in a recent proposal at work. i think i’ve come a long way in the last three years at earthling. imagine that.

i’m also working on a side project for a local artist and am hoping to have her new site up sometime this month.

doing these things makes my brain happy.


my iphone started doing this thing where the screen wouldn’t respond to my typing, but it would just randomly think i was tapping in the bottom half of the screen. this resulted in my having to turn the phone off and back on again. multiple times a day.

i put up with this for a little while and then it would stop. it started up again a couple of weeks later and i basically couldn’t stand it anymore. so, we took a trip to the AT&T store. a nice fella named Madison helped us and i ended up with a new iPhone 6s and an iPad mini that can use cellular.

so, i now have an iPhone 5s to use as an iPod, an iPhone 6s, and iPad mini 2 (which was only $100), and my trusty old iPad 4 (or is it a 3? who knows).


migration complete

i think i’ve got everything moved over for this domain, now i need to work on the other two. luckily, they’re much much smaller; but they’re both coming over from a movabletype blog, which i haven’t struggled with in a long time.

i can’t wait to tell the old host that i’m not renewing because they stink.