playing catchup

with all of my offline documenting, i’ve been neglecting the blog again.

my first run was a success! i couldn’t get the g.d. app on my watch to keep going when it went to sleep, so i didn’t get a count of my time, but i think that might have been a blessing in disguise, cuz i really didn’t want to know.

it was pretty warm by the time the 3K folks got to the start line, but a lot of the route was shaded, so it wasn’t unbearable.

i had biked there and back, so i got 11 miles in on a saturday that i normally would have been just tooling around the house, so that was a bonus.


i’ve found a new favorite pen for my bujo; the muji .38. it’s a gel, but it’s so sharp that you really can’t tell. and, i can write super tiny, so i’m less concerned about how much space to designate for each day.

i’m diggin’ the journal anyway. i go back and forth between setting up a month’s worth of weekly layouts and just doing week-by-week in order to make little modifications. for example, last week, i haphazardly added step tracking and if i had july all done, it would have been haphazard the whole rest of the month. this way, i was able to incorporate it into the layout (it’s the chuck-taylor-looking shoe icon under the music notes).

we went camping the weekend before my run, and i still need to post about that. it’s a to-do in the journal but hasn’t made it off the to-do and on the to-done.

my first run!

so, i haven’t technically completed the c25k training program, but since the first run is a 3k, i feel like i’m in an okay place.

run for our rights is the run i’m doing tomorrow morning. i have hopes that it will go smoothly and there won’t be too many people there with opinions that oppose women’s rights to safe and effective reproductive health.

i’m getting riled up just thinking about it. maybe it’ll help improve my mile minute.

week 6 day 2

running for 10 minutes straight isn’t that bad i guess. i need to push myself a little tho because it seems i’m doing a 12-minute mile and the app assumes a 10-minute mile. luckily, the first event is a 3k, which is 1.86something miles, which should work out to about 25 minutes. i think i can do that.

my friend, whom i’m doing this event with, reminded me that even if we walk a little, we’re still doing better than people sitting on the couch.

so, i have seven more runs before i can start using my watch instead of the c25k app. except, this morning, i tried measuring the run distance of 10 minutes with the activity app on my watch and it paused after 34 seconds twice, so i gave up.  more research needed.

week 6

if i do this correctly, i’ll be over-trained for the 3k for which i signed up yesterday.

on saturday, i ran for 20 minutes… i may have walked a total of 30 seconds, but does that really count?

anyhoo, this morning was 5/3/8/3/5. i made it almost all the way to dempsey, so i need to alter the route cuz that hill, while ridiculously tiny, isn’t so small when you want nothing more than to turn around and run home.

week 5 day 2

i put it off long enough (the last time i ran was saturday), so i knew that i *had* to get up this morning. in preparation, i went to bed a little earlier. but, between you and me, i’m tired from aunt flo’s pending arrival and the only reason i didn’t go to bed at 8 is that my delivered dinner hadn’t arrived yet.

so, recalling saturday’s run, i knew i needed to make it from the duck house* to the chicken house* and then i could walk. as i neared walter street (where the chicken house is), i thought, “i’m probably misremembering.” and when i ended up on dennett, still running, i glanced at the app. all i could see was that the clock was red, which means it’s nearing the end. finally, she says i can start walking. by now, i’m wondering if my strides are just so much better that i got so much farther than before and i need to figure out a new route, otherwise i wouldn’t have an opportune place to turn around at the halfway. after a short time walking, the app beeps and tells me that i’m halfway.

this makes no sense to me since the increments on saturday were 5/3/5/3/5. i took off the new iphone-holding armband and read the description of today’s run. 8/5/8. eight minutes running! i said aloud, “jerk! you tricked me.” then i felt a little pride for running 8 minutes straight without a) checking the time, or b) wanting to stop.

the last 8-minute run was as fine as the first until i was nearing the corner with the baby, where the app usually tells me that there’s “ONE MINUTE LEFT”, a warning that came a half a block later than usual.

i walked back home during the cool down and heard this really weird noise from the creek. like someone was controlling a barn fan and turning it on and off in 2-3 second increments. i could hear the normal frogs croaking in their weird pattern, but had never heard this other noise before.

i got to the bridge and saw the biggest frog i’ve seen in a long time. i could only assume it was him asserting his presence. i took a picture which probably won’t do him justice.

i said, “thank you.” and he went, “brrrrrrp.” i think he was saying, “you’re welcome.”

week four is over

i’m halfway “done”. i woke up at 6:15 and was pretty grumpy and tired, but i said, “this run isn’t going to run itself.” so, i put on my new shorts (turns out shorts made for activity are way better to wear than shorts that are not) and left the house. the walking parts didn’t last nearly long enough, but i didn’t feel as much like stopping during the running parts as i did on saturday.

afterward, i grabbed breakfast with matt at the diner and went back home to start working. i then ran off to a meeting at 10 and came to work.

my caloric intake is off schedule now because i don’t normally have breakfast and i forgot to pack my afternoon snacks. i also just realized that i forgot to brush my teeth. and it’s hot AF out.

starting to worry

i ran on saturday, which means the next day should be monday. but i didn’t feel like it (the 95% humidity may have had something to do with it) and told myself that i *had* to run on tuesday. but, this morning, there was a lovely thunderstorm rolling around outside at between 5 and 7 am (prime running time), so i skipped it again.

this means i *really* *have* to run tomorrow morning. otherwise, i risk having to backtrack a couple days in the schedule. while this isn’t the worst thing in the world, it’s not the most super.

week four

today was painful. after the warm-up walk, 3 minutes of running was almost unbearable, but then only 90 seconds of walking and then 5. WHOLE. MINUTES. of running. i stopped and pulled my phone out of the holder that makes it impossible to see the screen and it said 2:47 left of running and i said, “you’ve got to be f&#)*ng kidding me.”

but i finished the 5 minutes. and i walked 2.5 minutes and ran 3 and walked 90 sec and ran 5. this is nothing new, but she (the app on my phone) gleefully states when there’s “one minute left” of whatever activity before the cool down 5-minute walk. it’s supposed to encourage you to go full-boar for that last minute. as i was running and finishing up the final 5-minute stretch, she tells me the good news and i say, “if you think i’m going to run any faster than i am right now you’re crazy.” i hope the family on the corner of hargrove and starkweather didn’t hear me.

week three is over

it’s nice to not really have a schedule for this running business. i’ve been trying to do it at least monday and wednesday, allowing for leeway on friday; meaning i’ll probably sleep in and run on saturday when i can be leisurely about it.

so, being a monday, i woke up a little before the alarm and enjoyed laying awake for a short while. then hopped up and dressed in the running gear and headed out the door (the dogs are still confused and upset by this). i ran walked ran walked and made it back home. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i’m pretty convinced that if i run in the morning, it’s as if it never happened because it’s time that i would normally be sleeping, so it’s not like it’s taking away from a part of my day.

the rest of week two

i’ve deduced that i cannot run after work. something about biking 8 miles and then standing all day and coming home to run doesn’t agree with my legs. my shins were so sore that i could barely lift the front of my feet to propel myself forward.

monday morning, however, was almost pleasant. so, i’m done with week two. wednesday will mark the start of week three, which is 90 sec run/90 sec walk, 3 min run/3min walk. i have no idea how i’m going to be able to run for 3 minutes straight. i imagine i’ll probably die and then come back to life when the 3 minutes are up.