i vow

okay, this weekend, i promise to start reading alice’s adventures in wonderland. it’s been hard to create audible content now that kurt doesn’t work on saturdays. i don’t have the opportunity to sit down and read a book, let alone edit the audio afterwards.

right on!

a while ago, i talked about starting a podcast of public works; i was going to begin with some short tale from the brothers grimm or aesop, but they’re all really silly now that i’m an adult (at least the shorter ones—the ones that you don’t remember from childhood).
they’re like, “the fisherman and his wife were on their boat, cleaning their day’s catch, and one of the fish jumped back into the water so the fisherman dove after it. the moral is: don’t expect a fruitful harvest!”
anyway, i’m happy to report that alice’s adventures in wonderland is a public domain work, so i think i’ll start podcasting with that story. it’s a personal fave.