five years ago..

i was driving to work, with a carpooley, listening to the radio. i didn’t then understand the gravity. it took a couple weeks to sink in. maybe it was cuz i didn’t know anyone in nyc.. or maybe cuz i hadn’t been there. there was a period of time where people were just a little calmer, kinder; not as hurried or rude. sometimes downright pleasant, especially around “the holidays”; recognizing the, probably, 10s of thousands of people who were missing a loved one during that time of the year.
that wore out kinda quick, as far as i’m concerned. four to five months later, people were back to complaining about their mother-in-laws, their costly daycare, or how we can’t think of what to have for dinner. we forgot so quickly what was thrust upon us in minutes. we’re too damn busy.
ze explains it a little better.


reason #1 to move to ny (don’t worry mom, it’ll take 19 more, at least): the sushi i had for dinner will be about $10 less. and i will be able to have green tea ice cream. and i will have a healthy walk home.

we’re baaack!

the flight was 20 minutes /early/. we stayed with kathy in bed-stuy (bedford-stuyvesant);
a neighborhood filled with brownstones. here’s a view of jefferson st. out the front window.
on our way to the subway stop, we came across a black mary.
we found a neat little pub on st. mark’s called bull mcabe’s. they had the cheapest drinks in new york. here’s kurt enjoying a beverage.
on one of the many subway rides, we got off the train right in front of a pillar that someone had written on, “i’m tired of rumors started i’m sick of being followed by ferrets“. so i had to take a picture.
here’s a shot of the empire state building from the east side of union square.
and here’s some random church that i found interesting.
we were told to locate mcsorley’s, the oldest bar in new york. it took a while, and we had to get directions like three times, but we finally found it. unfortunately, they only serve beer, so we didn’t stay.
here are two other random things; a wavy building, and a seal. i’ll have more after kurt gets the roll developed.

omg you guys

we leave today. :( kathy (kurt’s sis) is dropping us off at laguardia around 4:30 and we head out of the big windy apple at 6:35p. we’ll be in the central time zone around 7:30 and on our way back to madison where we can get a drink that doesn’t cost $7.00. tons of pics when we get back!


you have no idea how much i’ve walked in the last two days. we hung out around washington square, 8th st, and st mark’s saturday and then had dinner at a mexican place in red hook, then yesterday we went to breakfast in park slope and then headed back downtown with our eyes on getting kurt some boots. we also went to union square. i was quite impressed with the number of people who take advantage of the parks here, as opposed to madison. picture the capital lawn and library filled (and i don’t just mean farmer’s market traffic) with people every day. anyhow, today we’re going to soho and chinatown to find some mooshu, and me a shirt to wear to fancy dinner tomorrow for my bday.