a mess

i came home to a small mess this evening… it would appear that someone got into a (yet unpacked) plastic bag with sunscreen and ferret shampoo and they managed to keep all of the shampoo inside of the bag, thankfully. judging from the possible suspects’ reactions, it would appear the guilty one was jones. this is unfortunate, because i know that it was nora. jones is just the one who knows that whatever happened was wrong and gave me the sorry face for it.
nora is definitely benefiting from being a “second-child”. i did not scold her nearly as much as jones has had it in the past. mostly because she would have peed, but secondly because she probably didn’t remember having been the culprit in the crime.
in an unrelated note, my back has a huge knot that i can’t seem to get at.

another cool thing

about having two dogs is that jones hasn’t touched the garbage in two weeks. at the apartment, we had to put it out in the back hallway when we left the house, and now, it seems like he just doesn’t care. who knows, though, it could be because we have a house now and he doesn’t want to mess it up? we just kept putting it out into the back porch, for some reason, until Nora came along.
they’re still “gettin-ta-know-ya”, but Jones seems to be content with her presence and i think he secretly likes it. :)


kurt’s friend brendan and mom’s george came over this evening to run wire in the basement. all was successful. we got the broken outlet in the first floor bedroom to work, and put the room on a 20 amp circuit all by itself, and brendan’s going to put one in outside so we have electricity when it’s time to build a deck.
i have to admit, it’s been kinda hard to get into the home-owner’s groove… things i want to do and won’t have time for. but we have less than 3 weeks to get our sh*t together and get the house presentable for a party.
grandma and john are coming over this weekend (they’re in town for another festivity), and i’d like to, at least, get it comfortable. john’s a big guy, and i’m not even sure he (or grandma) is going to want to trek upstairs… so i’m taking friday off in order to get the house up to some sort of standard that doesn’t look like we just moved in… impossible expectations, i’m aware.
i just have to remember to take before pictures so i can enjoy my accomplishments. :)

get along little doggie

today, she made it all day without going in the house. and, she seems to have found her place with jones. at least as much as two days of learning can find a dog.
this week will be another test, since i won’t be home all day. she is having a little trouble sharing me with jones, though… every time he comes over to get pet, she gets in the middle of us.
here’s them being very good doggies:

i think we forgot

what it was like to have a one-year-old puppy. nora is doing okay. she had a hard time sleeping in the bed last night, as she’s used to a crate.. so we’re going to borrow one from mom and george to see if she likes that better. she seemed to be scared of the ceiling fan.
we’ve had a couple accidents.. mostly pee. wherever she wants. it’s a little frustrating, but she’s in a new place, and with new people.
we went to the dog park this morning, and she runs like a rabbit! for no reason! around and around.
we’ll probably go back this afternoon. she loved splashing in all the puddles and rolling around in them. :/