this show really good. i keep having to pause to catch my breath.

i remember when reading used to do that. maybe it’s finally time to become that hermit i always want to recluse to in january.


things i’d like to do better, more often, continue:

  • braille! i’ve left it for so long that i’ll probably need to go back to lesson 4.
  • get out my paints and canvas. i’ve been admiring lawrence yang’s work for a while now.
  • go to the dog park at least once a month. we haven’t been since may or june and i think the dogs forgot about it.
  • get back to making worklunches.
  • stop leaving the kitchen in such a mess.
  • knit more. i still have a sweater to finish.
  • watch movies all the way through in one sitting.
  • read. at least an hour a week.
  • enjoy time. i spent a large part of the year wishing [whenever] would hurry up. things are enormously better now and i should remember to enjoy every minute of it.


surprising to me, i actually enjoyed harold and kumar go to whitecastle. i was worried that it would be on par with supertroopers (which i can’t stand), but it was shorter, and not as stupid.
and neil patrick harris was hilarious.
and my cousin’s husband looks just like kal penn.

pursuit of happyness

okay, so it wasn’t super, but it was still a really touching movie. i forgot, until the end credits, that the actor who played christopher is will smith’s real-life son. this chris gardner guy was pretty resilient, if much of the story was truly depicted. go see it, unless you’re dead inside.


i watched deliverance last night. it was on par with watching a train wreck. my jaw was to the ground often, my hand was over my mouth a couple times; but i couldn’t stop. until 11:20 when i /had/ to go to bed. i’ll probably watch the last 10-20 minutes when i get home.
omg. p.s. i did /not/ order form edo last night.