seven days

they had me half the dose for the first week to ease into the issues that may occur, so i’ve been on 25mg of zoloft for the last week and i haven’t noticed much in the way of side effects; except yesterday, at lunch i felt *really* full after only having completed half of the (dotty’s) turkey burger and that feeling kept on until dinner so i didn’t eat much.

which is unfortunate because dinner was really involved and took almost two hours to prepare.

poblanos stuffed with cannellini an and chicken 

the poblanos had to roast, steam, and get peeled; the sauce had to simmer for 30 minutes; the stuffing had to simmer for 10ish; and it had to bake for 30. i guess it was a good exercise in patience.

 in other news, here are merle and jones being cute dogs.

and, for the first time ever, the house has holiday festivity lights.

a brief update

i’ll probably keep the specifics off of here and keep track in my bullet journal, but i had my yearly physical yesterday: the blood pressure is (still) a little high and i’m starting on a low dose of zoloft for anxiety.

so, i took the first 25mg today and apparently won’t see the benefits for three to four weeks, even though the side effects start right away; effects which i’m supposed to “power through.” a couple of which are gi issues, insomnia, low libido, and weight gain. i said to rodney, if i become a fat, farty, sleepless gal with no sex drive, i’ll stop taking it. seriously though, i’d rather continue to be slightly anxious most of the time than mess with the rest of my life.

anyhoo, i go back for the blood pressure check in a couple of weeks and a follow up with the doc in a month to see how the zoloft is going.

more food and an oven update

after discussing several options with a handful of people who know my kitchen habits (my, how things have changed in the last 11 years), i landed on not wanting to spend $350-$800 on a used or new oven. when i got home, we took apart the front panel so we could see what was going on. there’s this tiny little hooked piece of metal that controls the position of the lock mechanism, but it was too far inside to maneuver (or bend), so we opted to break the lock itself. i found a decent pair of cutty pliers and rodney wiggled the end off.

the night before this, we made chrissy teigen’s cobb salad, sans bacon.

and, after the oven was “fixed”, we made her mac and cheese.

there’s at least 6 cups of dairy in there

unfortunately, my body is not accustomed to so much butter, milk, and cheese, so the next day was pretty uncomfortable. but, it tasted good.

another speedy weekend

i wonder how hard i would have to petition to get work to be 4/3 instead of 5/2. weekends go by so fast, it would be nice to have a third day to enjoy them.

that isn’t to say i don’t enjoy weekends, but we spent much of saturday shopping, making breakfast (which ended up being consumed at noon because we slept in so late) and installing curtains in the upstairs bedrooms that, by the time we were done with all of that, i was a little pooped.

zucchini and red pepper scramble

the curtain install was a minor fiasco because the screws were pissy about getting into the window frame, so we ended up using nails because i was about to break a window.

sunday was quiet as rodney had a triple-header of basketball games to watch, so i did some chores, made myself breakfast, and played a couple hours of fallout. by the time the packers came on, i realized that i had only been outside for the morning dog walk. then it got dark, and i got tired.

hopefully, i can stay awake later tonight cuz i don’t even want to tell you what time bedtime was.

2018 is flying by

life is pretty good lately. the early dark evenings and football and spending more time at home is nice.

we’ve been adding more choices to the rotation; the burgers previously mentioned, really yummy pizzas on crusts from costco, the ol’ roasted chicken standby, and taco tuesdays have at least helped me not get bored with any one thing.

and it’s already halloween. november is tomorrow. lutefisk is this weekend, along with setting the clocks back.

i’m going to stop at the coop tomorrow to put my order in for a turkey. a coworker has some tips for making it the best and i hope i don’t effitup too badly. rodney says he knows how to do it cuz he’s been watching the turkey being made for many years. :fingerscrossed:

i haven’t been using my crock at work much lately, so i made turkey and sweet potato chili for lunches this week.

and we had shrimp tacos last night because that spicy sauce is delicious. i still want to try to make it with creamy cashews instead of sour cream.


it’s been a little while, but only cuz i’ve been busy at both home and work.

firstly, i didn’t bike for a whole week because of weather, appointments, and general malaise (i worked from home last thurs & fri). so when i got on the bike this monday, it was great! except by the time i got done with my double-ride on wednesday, my back and neck were killing me. never again will i skip more than three days biking.

anyhoo, i’ve got a lot of food porn to share, so brace yourselves.


the above is a snap of the spicy shrimp tacos that i told you about earlier. i also get a kick out of our difference in arrangement.

up next is our attempt at chicken and waffles. when my gramma and her late husband moved into the assisted living home, they had to downsize quite a bit, so i inherited his waffle maker. so it went into the basement with all the other kitchen stuff that i don’t use or have room for, until i pulled it out and had to do a bit of surgical cleaning. we have a few changes for next time, like, use more batter and fry less hot. and i need to up my gravy game cuz it doesn’t *look* especially good, but it was tasty.

chicky chicky waffle

not wanting the audience to get sick of roasted chicken and veggies, we opted for curried chicken and veggies (yes, i get the irony), and i’m glad we did.

simmering cauliflower, potatoes, and chicken in a delicious sauce.
over jasmine rice

ground turkey makes a wonderful taco meat! who knew?

costco ground turkey tacos

and finally (for food pics, anyway) the turkey sweet potato chili from goop. 

we also had to make a mounds run this last weekend for dog food, and decided that jones needed a new squeaky toy. before we got there, i had hoped to find some sort of reptile, but a green octopus was the closest we got. his name is gregory.

jones with gregory

that’s all from me for a little bit. thanks for reading.

superhero pair!

we stopped at wilson’s for jeopardy! and socialization and i noted that one of the lawyers that hangs out there looks to have had taken the day off because he was unkempt and disheveled.

to which i exclaimed that unkempt and disheveled was a perfect name for a pair of superheros.

saving dough

we’ve gotten into the habit of brunching both weekend days and spending some time at wilson’s in order to keep up appearances. but, with the brewers in the playoffs and football season starting, weekends at wilson’s isn’t the pleasant, homey place it is during the week.

with saving money in mind, and because rodney makes a mean scrambled egg, we decided to try to recreate the breakfast burrito (sans chorizo) from mickey’s.

while the ingredients might not have been exactly the same, it was still really delicious.

we made enough of the poblano/onion mix for both days and took turns making the potatoes.

i’m embarrassed to write down how much money we saved by dining in, so i won’t do that. perhaps we’ll continue in this fashion, only heading out when it’s appropriate to treat ourselves.


after that last post, i was bopping around the history of my blog and found my old flickr album. there are some gems in there, including some painting photos that i need to show rodney (since he’s a professional painter).