sunday, sunday, sunday

Every year when mom’s birthday has come and gone, I reflect on how fast the previous year went. Maybe it’s simply that we had a very busy year and it just flew by, or maybe it’s cuz I’m getting older, too. New bekeefact: In addition to not being able to read, do crosswords, or play palmgames in a car, I also cannot knit while in a moving vehicle. This saddens me. Oh, and if you ever get out of the bustling city, this wind farm is probably the coolest thing you’ll see for free in your entire life; though some jerks think it “ruins the scenery”, those are the same people who don’t know what the rest of the world looks like.

yesterdays events

cursing damn work computer for crashing I’m going to summarize, since I don’t have the patience to be witty twice in a row. The note blew away because it’s too cold for the tape. The paper was no where to be seen this morning. I had a personal Pizzeria Uno pizza last night (Four Cheese with Pesto) and it was good. Almost all of my eBay bead “winnings” have been mailed to me so I can start learning how to peyote stitch. That’s all for now.


I’m just an ornery cuss today. I swear, by the time I’m 30, this wrinkle in my forehead is going to be a mile deep. Today’s Problem #1: We get these “free papers” that no one reads tossed onto the front porch. I’m not sure what they are selling, but it looks like mostly auto adverts. Anyhow, I believe the two copies (one for each unit) were delivered on Friday. I brought ours in on Saturday and put the paper in our “too be recycled” pile. On Sunday, the neighbor’s was still on the porch, only it had mysteriously been moved in front of our door. Thinking a point could be assumed, I moved it back over in front of their door on Monday. This morning, as I leave the house, it’s almost falling off the porch as far from their door (and subsequently close to ours) as it can be. So, I put it directly in front of their door and tape a note to it, “We already got ours, thanks though! :)” Think they’ll get it?

funny search phrases

the following are phrases that have gotten people to my site this month: via 2003 haircuts, haircuts 2003, haircuts for 2003, haircuts in 2003, puccaclub via song “Mary’s Wedding” movie, wired you2, weary traveler free house, links, gibsonmania, East Side Blog Madison via JT’s Blocks, weary traveler free house, phone cut off still use dsl, SMOKYSCLUB, “madison bloggers”, melatonin keeps me awake i sure hope that person got their damn hair cut and that the insomniac got some sleep.

is it tuesday?

Having a work holiday at the beginning of a week is always welcomed, but it still throws off my entire being. All day yesterday, Kurt and I swore it was a Sunday.. So, though it’s Tuesday already, I feel like I’ve actually lost a day, as opposed to having gained a vacation day. Maybe that’s a sign of working too much? I tried desperately to find a “Tuesday Two” for today’s blog. I understand the stupidity in a bunch of people responding to the same 2-7 questions on any given day, but it gives me something to do if I have nothing to say. I’m a poet.


This is George. He just got done with his yearly brumation, wherein he worried poor Kurt to death with his lack of movement and eating. I’ll tell you what, he’s gotten all of his strength back and I can hardly keep enough mealworms in the house to satiate his hunger. Good thing he like veggies. The mealworms are his weekend snack. Say hi to George. (image disappeared somewhere)

heppy birfday

janis j would be 60 today if she didn’t shoot whiskey directly into her veins and just drank it like a normal person.

horse’s ass

I just like thinking that really loudly about people. Anyhow, I got the Badge-A-Minit and the Handy Stitch yesterday in the mail, but I didn’t get a chance to try either of them out. I ate in the caf� at work today for the first time since Halloween. I wonder if I’m getting weak, lazy, or both?

last night

was so fun! I told the host (via email) that it was probably the most stimulating of any evening I have had the pleasure to participate in. That said, I should point out that I’m easily amused. Any more than 7 other people and I become a hermit; though, T. had to task out the opportunity to get me to converse. Strange, that. I think part of my want to keep quiet is that I know something stupid is going to come flying out of my mouth. I mean, I’m still at the stage where impressing these neighbors is important. T.’s wife is very nice, too. :) She offered to lend me her sewing machine because she doesn’t use it. How trusting is that!

Projects and Prowess

I think, after a while, people just get tired of the same old thing. I need a project. I mentioned this to Kurt yesterday and he said I should bundle the recyclable cardboard. This is not the type of project I’m considering. I need something that will require research and time. I made a list, and more for my benefit of commitment, I’ll share it.
� Grow herbs indoors
� Build a magazine rack
� Make a standing lamp
� Clean the bathroom (this will take research and time)
This is only a small list now, but it will grow. I think my biggest problem with my life right now is that I feel like I’m not passionate about anything in particular. I need a cause.