And so it starts

Our lease is from Aug 15 to Aug 14. We were asked to re-sign (if we had planned on it) or not re-sign our lease by Jan 15 of this year. How does /anyone/ think 8 months in advance in regards to living spaces? Unless, of course, you own. So, today is the first of hopefully not too many “showings” of our apartment. I think it’s creepy. I mean, strangers and some rental agency guy who doesn’t know us are traipsing through the house.. looking at our things, seeing how it’s (poorly) arranged (because there is room for nothing). I’m hoping the lack of a utility closet won’t deter them from signing right away. I mean, our mops, brooms, ironing board and vaccuums are scattered throughout the living space in such a way that it either looks like we clean every day, or there just isn’t anywhere to put them when they’re not in use. The second scenario is more accurate.
This brings me to my point of excitement to move. Not to actually move, but to relocate to a place that I believe Kurt and I will be at for a long time. We’ll have a dining room! I am so excited. Also, since we’re friends with the homeowner, he’s allowing me to construct a full-on floor to ceiling bookshelf in said dining room. He’s got one in his flat already, so I’ll have a plan to go by. But, really, I hate moving.


Today is the first day in a lonnnnng time that I’ve just not wanted to be at work. I kinda knew this would happen after becoming a “regular full time employee”. It’s a mental hurdle that I must overcome. I promise, no more workblogs. This last weekend went really fast.. almost unfortunately so, but Kurt and I got in some good QT and some pool playing. We also had a pretty good breakfast at Barber’s out between Stoughton and McFarland. We might find ourselves there for dinner some night. Mom was raving about the Wednesday spaghetti dinner. :) On the knitting front, Kurt’s skullcap/beanie was completed on Saturday. I’ll get a picture up soon, if he’ll remove it long enough for me to take it!

I keep forgetting

to drink water when it’s dark out. I drink my share of water all day at work (after the coffee is consumed), but once I leave work, that life-responsibility leaves me. I fear that with tax return in hand, I will spend the day on eBay getting things that I don’t need. You know I will.


I don’t have anything profound to report on today… Oh! One thing; read your cellular phone contract before you call up and yell and the poor customer service rep who only has the job to get free minutes.

no friday five today

Cuz it’s kinda lame. It’s all about “why did you start your blog?” “who reads your blog?”. Feh. As a matter of fact, I’m kinda too busy today to do any blogging. Maybe after work. Happy Valentimes Day to you all!

as expected

The Fonduerama was superb! Bob really did a great job and had no reason to be as nervous as he was. The selections and presentation was faboo. An entirely positive first-fondue experience was had by yours truly. Kurt and I didn’t hang out as long as I had wanted to, but my 9to5’er job has turned me into this weird, sleepy person when 9.30p rolls around. I get all ornery and snarly. No, just kidding, I only get tired. :)

damn cars.

All I wanted to do was to go shopping for a new satchel. I got no more than 2 blocks from my house and the damn clutch cable snapped. Very irritating.


I’m getting too old to stay up with the kids anymore. This doesn’t stop me from closing the bar every couple of months. b o b remarked how “full moonish” it seemed last night. People were definately acting different. I think it was the low pressure system.

sunday, sunday, sunday

Every year when mom’s birthday has come and gone, I reflect on how fast the previous year went. Maybe it’s simply that we had a very busy year and it just flew by, or maybe it’s cuz I’m getting older, too. New bekeefact: In addition to not being able to read, do crosswords, or play palmgames in a car, I also cannot knit while in a moving vehicle. This saddens me. Oh, and if you ever get out of the bustling city, this wind farm is probably the coolest thing you’ll see for free in your entire life; though some jerks think it “ruins the scenery”, those are the same people who don’t know what the rest of the world looks like.