superhero pair!

we stopped at wilson’s for jeopardy! and socialization and i noted that one of the lawyers that hangs out there looks to have had taken the day off because he was unkempt and disheveled.

to which i exclaimed that unkempt and disheveled was a perfect name for a pair of superheros.

saving dough

we’ve gotten into the habit of brunching both weekend days and spending some time at wilson’s in order to keep up appearances. but, with the brewers in the playoffs and football season starting, weekends at wilson’s isn’t the pleasant, homey place it is during the week.

with saving money in mind, and because rodney makes a mean scrambled egg, we decided to try to recreate the breakfast burrito (sans chorizo) from mickey’s.

while the ingredients might not have been exactly the same, it was still really delicious.

we made enough of the poblano/onion mix for both days and took turns making the potatoes.

i’m embarrassed to write down how much money we saved by dining in, so i won’t do that. perhaps we’ll continue in this fashion, only heading out when it’s appropriate to treat ourselves.


after that last post, i was bopping around the history of my blog and found my old flickr album. there are some gems in there, including some painting photos that i need to show rodney (since he’s a professional painter).

the little things

there’s a house on the dog walk that has a wonderful terrace and yard. she’s got (fruiting!) peach trees and all sort of other flora that i couldn’t even begin to name (aside from sedum, mint, sunflowers, rosemary, echinacea, milk duds [my nickname for milkweed], decorative grass, etc.).

there is this sweet little flowering plant that has leaves that look like maple leaves and i wish i knew what it was. the other afternoon, i caught a bee getting some pollen from it.

then this morning, while trying to be thoughtful of our houseguest, i quietly prepared my single cup of coffee, and the color of the oils on the surface of the bubbles caught me. i do this pour-over every morning while i think about the day and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. this morning, it stood out for some reason. i still have much of the day left to find out why.

the picture doesn’t accurately capture the oily, rainbow-slicky color. but, you may be able to imagine it.

five short months

it seems weird to think that half a year ago, i was going through the motions. getting myself from home to work and home again. unintentionally living. barely leaving the house after work. feeling sorry for myself.

fast forward five months and i’m pretty lucky that i met someone easy to get along with and who encourages me to let him appreciate me. who will eat anything i make and thank me sincerely every night for dinner.

i’m feeling pretty fortunate today.

october already

after a nice, low-key weekend, we find ourselves in the 10th month of the year. rodney and i have started talking about what to do for thanksgiving; we may even attempt our very own turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and gravy.

i’m pretty sure i can handle the latter items, but i’ve never attempted a turkey. i feel like it could go really amazingly or pretty awfully. you’ll find out either way, gentle reader.

in other news, jones finally had a solid poop on sunday. i almost had him pound it (our version of high-five or shake) during our walk, but it was drizzling and we all wanted to get home. turns out they both really like rice, broth, and chicken mush.

another one on the books

the crowd at wilson’s was a bit much on friday so we went to check out the atwood (formerly known as mr. roberts) cuz someone i know is now the manager. it’s pretty nice inside, at least compared to the last time i was in there (birthday week, three years ago).

i was happy to find out that the pool table is only $1, probably because it’s not a bullseye table, so we got in a few good games.

we went on home for dinner and some programs. we finished the good place so i thought i’d see if rodney would like deadwood.

saturday morning we did some grocery shopping and then rodney went to pick up our houseguest. we hung out with his sister and her boyfriend most of the afternoon, not before squeezing in jurassic world 2, then headed back over to a cookout at his sister’s house. after a few adult bevvies and a lot of baseball on the t.v., we came home and went to bed pretty late. 

sunday was a little lazy with brunch and some fallout and then to wilson’s for the bears game. rodney realized they probably weren’t going to do very well, so he asked if he could play music and the only other bears fan in the room got upset and left.

i wasn’t in the mood to make dinner, so we ordered burrito drive. thankfully, they remembered to put everything in the bag this time.

signs of fall

the annual lutefisk dinner invitation showed up yesterday and it (always) falls the day before dst. some years it’s below 0º and some years (like last year) the broken heater in my car was annoying enough for the short trip to barneveld.

the lilac leaves are starting to turn, which just reminds me that it was so cool this spring (SNOW ON MY BIRTHDAY) that it never had a chance to blossom, so all we could smell was peachy.

the sunrise and sunset times on my weather app are slowly creeping toward each other.

football and thoughts of thanksgiving and the holidays are more prominent.

at least i’m happy.

and just like that

the willy st fair has come and gone and this marks the end of summer (in my brain). the sun is setting noticeably earlier and it’s (thankfully) staying dark later in the morning.

we had a late night on friday, which included heading over to the sundown saloon to give that a whirl. we played a little pool and had a couple of drinks.

we attended the fair both days and i even got a little dancing in at the beats stage on saturday, but the sun was pretty relentless, so we didn’t stay too long. on sunday, we walked down from mickey’s to the wort stage (at the farthest end of the fair) to hear a couple bands, but the sun was out in full force again so we slowly made our way back to the car, stopping at the wisco to catch a bit of the game and taking a break outside of plan b next to tiffany’s tent.

an aside: my appetite hasn’t been real strong these past few weeks so i looked up the nuvaring side effects again and it lists, “appetite and weight change” as one of the possible effects. since i was worried it would be in the other direction, i’m not complaining, but i do need to keep an eye on it.


all summer, i’ve been hanging out at wilson’s. and if you only know one thing about wilson’s, it’s that there are 28 tvs (give or take) and some form of sports is on every one (except the one that sandi leaves on cnn).

to be funny, i yell, “first down!” at a base hit or raise my hands like the refs for the extra point kick and yell, “gooooooal!” i even refer to ryan braun as aaron rodgers sometimes because i think it’s a hoot.

well, it turns out that rodney’s affiliation with the chicago teams is not a popular one, which makes wilson’s an annoying place to be when the brewers or packers are playing.

so, i bought a tv antenna. and we watched the bears v packers game from the comfort of the couch and about 80% less yelling at the tv.