i just dropped merle off at the vet to get her teeth cleaned. i have varying levels of nervousness when it comes to animals and sedation. i suppose i should get over it. they’re doctors and they know what they’re doing. although, i thought that about the ferret doctor when i took zona in to get the growth removed from her tail and she didn’t wake back up.

i should be painting the steps right now but i haven’t worked up the gumption yet.

judy came over on friday to fix the risers that had fallen and also removed all of the plastic treads. i washed them on saturday, which was probably the first time they’d ever been cleaned. they look kinda nice now, aside from the fact that they’re blue.


my choices for the vet yesterday were 11a or 2p. since i have a standing 10-11 work meeting, i had to choose 2. this meant i worked from home again, which meant i also needed to consider my mental health for the evening because being in the house all day and night makes jill a dull girl.

so, $180 later, we got home with oral pain meds, oral antibiotics, and a topical cleaning cream. we also get to go back for a checkup on saturday (along with jones’ annual once-over), which will probably be another $200. i might need to start a secondary interest-bearing checking account to save up for our annual visits along with any other issues that they’ll get themselves into.

she’s looking better but i don’t want to put the cone on her because it makes her look sad and miserable. so, hopefully i don’t find that she’s been licking it all day when i get home.