over a year ago, i said i was going to teach myself entrelac. i had just gotten this book in the mail and was all excited to start. well, i hadn’t realized that you need 5 sets of dpns (i exaggerate) for each project… and i didn’t want to add to my already overgrown needle collection.
fast forward to now. i found a hat pattern that i have the needles for… there’s also this one. my yarn is a little less than worsted, so i’ll probably go with the first pattern.
i’ve also been wanting to mix up my lunches … salads-in-jars only entertains me for a couple weeks at a time. so i found these sweet and sour spicy strips to try, and i also want to make sushi again; it’s been a while.
all that said, we have absolutely nothing planned this weekend. maybe that’s an excuse to make a little more progress on the soft goods room .

i wish

that i either had my tax return or my bonus from work… above all else, it would ease my brainstress, but webs has a sale on discontinued noro silk garden; one of my top favorite yarns with which to work. i also just watched a how-to video in which the woman was using zephyr acrylic needles and now i want a set.
and this yarn is gorgeous.

weekend roundup

friday, we enjoyed lunch at michael’s frozen custard; they serve a decent veggie burger. then we tooled around town getting errands done. we made it an early evening as matt picked up the saturday open shift, so he had to be awake quite early. my day was unproductive… but i had planned for it, so i don’t feel too bad.
on sunday, i met george and mum at mickey’s for her birthday breakfast. mom and i had the special: a chile relleno stuffed with cheddar, gouda, and squash. it was enormous and delicious.
i was going to try to learn entrelac, but the hat i want to make requires needles that i don’t own. this fact surprises me, as i have about six billion needles, i just don’t have two sets of us8 dpns.
the dogs are doing great. one of our trips on friday was to mounds… matt thought jones would enjoy a new stuffed squeaky toy, so we got pengui the penguin. within minutes, jones learned the name and was able to fetch it without hesitation; he’s smart.
also, each morning i have to weed through comment spam on my blog… sometimes there are some real gems. i will share a couple with you:

Depending on the situation, fanny packs are probably pretty useful DAMN YOU CARGO PANTS YOU ARE A GATEWAY DRUG.


It’s hard to fart in every room in your house at the same time. Well with my new Spiced Ham scented candle, you don’t have to!


i keep writing really boring blog posts and then deleting them.
we’re planning on painting the bedroom during the week that i’m off work. i’m not sure exactly when, but i’m a little nervous about how long it’ll take and what it’ll look like when it’s done. i’ve never had a bad painting experience, but i’m always unreasonably nervous about it.
i finished a pair of bittens for liz in about two days, but that’s all the knitting i’ve done. i really want to finish that sweater.
nora’s nail is doing a little better; we took her to the vet a week ago and she was such a good sport. she’s not been favoring it or licking (very much) and should be fine.
work’s been really slow and mostly boring.

senior moment

i was enjoying some knitting on sunday… sitting on the couch watching the office on my ipad with a dog on either side of me. i heard a plow-like thing outside and got up to look out the window. upon my return to the couch, i realized that i had no idea where my needle went. i looked *all* over. i tore up the blankets, made the dogs leave the room, i even questioned whether or not i had left it in the kitchen.
i couldn’t find it. still haven’t.


things i’d like to do better, more often, continue:

  • braille! i’ve left it for so long that i’ll probably need to go back to lesson 4.
  • get out my paints and canvas. i’ve been admiring lawrence yang’s work for a while now.
  • go to the dog park at least once a month. we haven’t been since may or june and i think the dogs forgot about it.
  • get back to making worklunches.
  • stop leaving the kitchen in such a mess.
  • knit more. i still have a sweater to finish.
  • watch movies all the way through in one sitting.
  • read. at least an hour a week.
  • enjoy time. i spent a large part of the year wishing [whenever] would hurry up. things are enormously better now and i should remember to enjoy every minute of it.


i have a lot of packages arriving today; we’ll just call it “stimulating the economy”.
the yarn for my super awesome sweater is to arrive today, along with my new crock pot and green laser pointer for the dogs. amazon split my order into two packages, so ups and fedex will both be arriving today. i picture them dueling to get up to the door.
unfortunately, joann is where i had to order the needles for the super awesome sweater and it doesn’t appear they’ve even left the warehouse.
in other news, i’m taking a friend to the apple store this afternoon to get an ipod touch and we’re going to eat at the food court! that, combined with my recent rocky’s trip, and a visit to mcdonald’s next week for a shamrock shake, apparently, it’s “reminisce about old foods” month.
i’ll leave you with this awesome picture of nora:


betz white recently blogged about an awesome scarf she came up with; showing the inspirational book from where she got the stitch pattern idea… which i promptly purchased because of the completely inside out and upside down! sweater.
unfortunately, the required yarn will cost me over $125 with shipping.
of course, there’s always the possibility of substitution but there’s no way it’ll look as cool; there’s a reason designers use the yarn they use, because it’s usually pretty awesome yarn.
we get our bonus in two weeks, i think i can wait til then to order.

new books

i’m treating myself to two new knitting books. one of them has a pattern for a sweater that can be worn right-side-up and upside-down! this amazes me.
i’m a little worried about how much the yarn will cost to make the sweater, cuz it looks like the sweater will cost about $300 for the yarn alone; i think i’ll have to rekindle my relationship with elann to get an inexpensive alternative…
the other one is cuz i think it’ll look cool to play with vertical color striping and thick-knits.

awesome idea

we talk about some pretty weird things at lunch, but today i joked about a idea that i think might be really cool… a knitted braille poem for hanging display. i’d probably use hug o’ war since i have an affinity for it.