this is only a test

i just activated the gutenberg block editor to try it out.

i also realized last night that i haven’t knitted in a long time and am just a tiny little bit excited for the weather to get cooler and to spend more time on the couch.


all the animals like being in the bedroom now. it’s so cozy up there, even nero will put up with humans to be warm.


i started a sweater for merle. she’s not made for this kind of weather.


matt put a tie on nora last night. she was very proud.


during our errands this weekend, we stopped at farm and fleet because i am not allowed to steal matt’s carhartt hoodie. so, i got one of my own.

this morning, i looked at my weather app and it told me that it felt like -3° and i cringed. thankfully, i’ve been preparing for this weather for a while now and can’t believe that i ever biked in the winter without a balaclava. it’s been a life-changer.

i opted not to wear the carhartt because i’ve been getting too warm by the time i get to work, this morning was no exception. since the wind chill wasn’t going to let up all day, i wore the snow pants and it was as if it was 32° out. also, they fit better than they did last winter, which means all this biking is having a positive impact on my midsection.

almost knitting weather

even though we are planning a trip to ‘tosa to visit penzey’s, with a pit stop in delafield to visit their yarn shop, i bought some noro kureyon from my favorite online yarn store. i’ve been hearing about these infinity scarves and it looks like it’s a cheater’s version of cat bordhi’s moebius knitting.

i’ve been thinking i could pull off the bohemian look of tall boots, warm tights, wool skirt, long sleeved shirt, vest, and scarf. maybe i’ll start from the top down with my own moebius scarf.

of course, obtaining the rest of the outfit would require me to go shopping, so i’ll probably just stick with my blue jeans.

crazy talk

i don’t know wtf i was thinking, but i bought this strapless dress. now i have to knit something to wear with it. i found a pattern for a shrug, and at the mid-point in the pattern, over 350 stitches will be on the needles! that’s a lot.
anyway, here are martin and burnie cuddling on my (burnie’s) robe:
and last night, i was working on a craft project, so burnie decided to help (she’s laying on the garbage bag):
her foot has gotten a little worse; she won’t let me touch it and cries at me when i try. i think it’s healing, but she’s got to be uncomfortable because she soaks it in the water bowl all by herself. :/


i was going to bore you with some story about how my monthly cycle is totally predictable and kinda cool to pay attention to. and how i wish i knew how to predict myself during my jr high and high school years. and how someone should really tell all of those girls that it’ll be ok and every single woman in the world has to deal with it. unless you’re an over-exercised gymnast or the victim of some unfortunate circumstance.
but, instead, i’ll tell you that i’m knitting a lot, enjoying the winter cooped up in the house with the warm laptop, my sweets, and dogs, making lots and lots of yummy food, putting up with the kitties that stalk the parakeets, and otherwise simply enjoying life while hoping that all my friends and family are doing the same.
here’s some quiche i made because we were overflowing with eggs:
it’s crustless, and my first quiche ever. maybe it doesn’t count as quiche since i didn’t bother with a crust? it was really simple, anyway. i just mixed everything together and poured it in a pan. delicious.
here’s the minestrone soup i made for lunch this week. i wish i had added more spinach, but if i had, i wouldn’t have had any for the quiche! serendipity.


sorry it’s been so long. i’m not doing much in terms of exciting things, so there isn’t a lot to chat about.
the chickens are not laying yet, tho two of them decided to hop out of the run after we opened it to retrieve shards of glass that they keep digging up.
we made some progress on the soft goods room, filing away all the great fabric and cleaning up the closet. now i just need to get that sewing machine up there.
i’ve also been coveting this bike; it’s only $220 with free shipping and i get three paychecks in november, so i’ll have some extra cash.
i’m not sure, tho, if i should wait until tax return season instead, since the road tires are no good on ice and snow.
speaking of! i’m excited to knit again. i have a half-done hat that i need to send to a friend in seattle… hopefully she’s not freezing!
i’m off work tomorrow, and am looking forward to sleeping in.


it’s been a long time since i’ve learned something new with knitting. i’ve done billions of scarves, a few pairs of socks and slippers, a couple sweaters, fair isle, ribs, cables. but, i finally got myself to knit an entrelac hat:


this week has been one of learning for me! i got to play around with some jquery for an update at work, and the entrelac is coming along well. i almost want to knit everything in entrelac now! except there’s a lot of purling involved… maybe it’ll help me to purl more quickly.
this friday marks another girls night out. we haven’t been since… october? it should be good, they’re bringing a dj from chicago, so it should be fairly busy.
i also really need to get back into brailling…

i did it!

i finally got off my butt (not really, tho. i was sitting most of the time) and started an entrelac hat.